Saturday, July 13, 2013

Painted Flowerpots

I’ve been dying to show you my latest crafty project!  I wanted something that was Disney inspired for our front porch steps.  I thought making Fab Five painted flowerpots would be fun!  However, I’m a little OCD and I had to make sure the steps were even so I added Daisy.  Poor Daisy always gets left behind!  I had to include her.

I’ve been slowly working on these the past few weeks.  (Since we’ve been so busy the past month, they’ve been mostly abandoned on our dining room table.) 

I finally picked up where I left off this week!  After a few touch ups, and adding the details, they’re finally done!   J

So… what do you think?

Check back tomorrow for a tutorial on how I made them!


  1. These are soooo cute! Nicely done :)

  2. What type of paint do you use? I wanted to do some of these for my daughter's 2nd birthday to hold the handy helpers and pretzel sticks ect. her theme is Minnie Mouse (the pink and white polka dot one) and these are so cute.. I appreciate any advice or help. I am trying to become more crafty and save some money in the process.

    1. I used "Folk Art" brand acrylic paints to make these ones! Then, I used a spray sealant to keep them from running. (Acrylic paint is water based.) I actually made a tutorial on how I made these flower pots! Here's the link if you haven't checked it out already! I bet they'll be perfect for a party! :-)