Thursday, March 31, 2022

Happy Crayon Day!

Today is National Crayon Day!  I know, I know... now I'm getting into celebrating the obscure holidays.  But, I love crayons; I always have.  I love the smell when I first open a fresh, new box of Crayola crayons.  I love how uniformly sharpened they are.  There is something really beautiful about all of the colors lined up together inside of the box.

As a child, I adored coloring.  It was one of my all time favorite activities.  Even today, as an adult, I still love to color.  It's so calming and relaxing to me.  I love color and how coloring makes things come alive on the page.  It's like magic.

As an adult, it's easy for the simple joys in life to get away from you.  Eliot and I got back into coloring a few months ago when we were home at my parents' house for Thanksgiving.  He had forgotten how much he liked coloring.  Eliot's realized that it's a good way for him to decompress and relax.  He had a stressful day at work a few weeks ago, so he came home and got his coloring book out.  Once he completed his page, he felt a lot better.  He's also gotten a binder to put all of his finished pages in.

I'd like to make coloring part of my nightly ritual, but I have to make time and space to do it.  Ideally, I'd love to have a tray table and a chair next to my side of the bed where I can read or color before bedtime.  I picture myself listening to peaceful Disney piano music while coloring each night before getting to bed.  It sounds so relaxing!

I'm a huge fan of adult coloring books.  Over the years, I've picked up a few Disney themed ones.  I usually have one on my Christmas list so I have a small collection of them now.  (Amazon is a great resource to find them!)  But Eliot and I also have some kids coloring books.  They're a lot easier to color an entire page in one sitting.  Eliot also bought a few new ones after work a few weeks ago.

I also need to look into printable pages.  I have a few resources to get Disney themed coloring pages online.  During quarantine, I found a bunch of free Disney pages from Crayola and Coloring 4 Kids.  I also found a few artists who make cool coloring pages that they sell on Etsy!  There are so many resources and possibilities online!  

I'm planning to color something tonight when I get home from work!  Today is my first day helping out at the chiropractic office, but I still want to make time to color since I was planning on doing it anyways.  It's National Crayon Day... there's no better time!

Happy National Crayon Day!!!  Color something wonderful!  °o°

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Comment Clean Up

Hi friends!  Today, I'm popping in with a quick check in on my blog updates.  As you've probably already figured out, I kind of abandoned them last year after a lot of the fun stuff was completed.  I had too much fun working on my new header and updating my sidebar... once those were done I never went back to do the other stuff!

Yesterday, I did some housekeeping to get myself back on track.  I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up my comments section.  There's a place on my blog where I can see all of them, and it had really gotten away from me.  It seemed like a huge daunting task.  I used to get an email every time someone would leave me a comment.  But somewhere in the wormhole that was 2017 and 2018 (when I wasn't blogging actively) that stopped.  Lately, I have to actively seek out my comments, and thus I've pretty much missed any that aren't from recent blog posts.

I've been trying to go through them a bit here and there, but yesterday I committed to going through all of them... well back through 2017 anyways.  I had so much junk and spam in there that it was overwhelming me.  I spent too much time before marking posts as scam before I deleted them.  Yesterday, I just deleted anything that was junk.

After that, I also changed my settings to require my approval before a comment will post publicly on my blog, that way I don't have to take the time to clean them up ever again.  I've already quickly weeded out three new spam posts that never even made it through.  I'm hoping this will keep them in check so I can be more interactive with people who comment!  I love to read comments from my readers... but not robots!

As for my other blog updates, I'm still trying to get caught up on the rest of the posts I never finished in 2021.  Looking ahead, I'm hoping that I can get those done sometime in May.  My new blog post method is really working with being able to look out over my calendar more in advance.  May is pretty light right now, and I'm trying to keep it that way so I can focus most of my energy on getting caught up with my posts and doing some stuff around the house before it gets too hot.

I haven't forgotten about the other changes I wanted to make to my blog layout.  I still would like to add some pages.  At some point, I'm planning to clean up my labels.  I've been a lot more careful about labeling posts recently.  But if I want it to be easier to find stuff on my blog, it's going to take a bit of time to clean all of my older posts up!  And I still need to get everything legal set up so I can start doing my affiliate links on here!

I've still got a lot of work ahead of me, but it feels good to have one less thing that I have to worry about!  My comment section is now clean and spam free... at least as far as I know.  I might have missed one or two, but it's way better than it was before!  °o°

Monday, March 28, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Harveys Seatbelt Bags

Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite places to buy my Disney merchandise.  I have mentioned them a few times on here, but I realized that I've never actually written a detailed post about them.  I think it's time that I confess my obsession with Harveys.  

I'm sure that you're all well aware of my accessory problem by now.  I have been collecting Harveys seatbelt bags for 5 years and I absolutely love them.  (This post is long overdue... and I've been holding out on you guys- but not intentionally!  Promise!)

Let's dive right in... Harveys has been making bags and accessories since 1997.  This year they are celebrating their 25th anniversary and they have big things planned for us!  (The company's actual 25th birthday was this past Tuesday, March 22nd!)  It all started when Dana and Melanie Harvey were restoring their classic car and Dana had the idea to make Melanie a handbag out of the leftover seatbelt.  They've been making handbags out of seatbelts ever since!  Today, they have a workshop and retail store in Santa Ana, CA where they design, make and sell their seatbelt handbags!  

What most people love about Harveys is the quality of their products.  Seatbelt might seem like an odd choice for a handbag, but there are so many benefits to it.  Seatbelt material is durable, it's colorfast, it's easy to clean, it's safe to wear out in the rain and it's also animal friendly.  Thus, Harveys creates handbags that are sturdy, durable and easily cleanable.  I also want to add that it's amazing what they can do with seatbelts!

I first discovered Harveys bags sometime back in 2012 or 2013.  I'm not sure what the first bag that I saw was, but I do remember when Katie sent me a picture of a Minnie Mouse bag from a small store in downtown Bar Harbor.  At the time, I thought it was cool but I sadly passed on the bag.  (If only I knew then what I know now!)  I had no idea how much I'd grow to love these bags a few short years later! 

I bought my first Harveys bag from their website back in January of 2017.  (It was before I had an account with them, so it's older than my current account and isn't even on there!)  I had fallen in love with their Colorblock Minnie mini foldover and I had to have it.  When it arrived, I was mesmerized by it's beauty and durability.

I bought my second Harveys bag from Zappos, a retailer who used to carry Harveys products.  (Harveys has since decided to sell their own products instead of working with retailers.)  I really wanted the 101 Dalmatians Puppy foldover, but it had sold out on Harveys' website.  I found in on Zappos in February and purchased it immediately.

I bought my third bag from the Harveys website in April of 2017.  It was the Colorblock Mickey crossbody bag- from the same collection as my Minnie bag.  A few short days later, I bought the Belle mini foldover, and from there the obsession began.  I bought my first four Harveys bags in about three months... and the rest is history.

Nowadays, I try to limit myself to the bags that I really want.  Everything they make is gorgeous, but I can't have it all.  I tend to stick to mostly the Disney stuff, but I have bought a few other things though the years.  They certainly make it tempting... 

Harveys releases a new collection on the first Friday of each month.  Harveys fans look forward to "First Friday" and to the new themes and designs.  In fact, most of the new items are purchased in the first few minutes of the Friday morning drop.  I've seen things go quicker each release as Harveys has become more popular.  (Many more people discovered Harveys back in 2020 while in quarantine.) 

I've purchased a few of the bags from the non-Disney collections over the years.  One of my favorites was the red, white and blue Spangled Bow tote that I purchased.  I wore it for the 4th of July 2019.  I have a few solid colors and a gorgeous rose themed bag from First Friday in February of 2021 and a winter bag from January of this year.

In addition to their monthly First Friday collections, Harveys releases a new Disney collection every other month or so.  Through the years, I've tried to only buy the items that I really want, because it would be way too easy to want everything.  I tend to stay away from the Star Wars stuff for the most part.  (I like Star Wars, but I already have a few bags and that's enough.)  I usually end up picking one item from each collection to purchase.  But on a few collections, I've caved and bought multiple items.

Of course, the Disney holiday collections are my absolute weakness.  Harveys usually has a Halloween and Christmas collection each year (or every other year) and it's dangerous.  I've happily purchased a Pumpkin Mickey (2019) and Pumpkin Minnie (2020) bag.  I also have the Winter Wonderland bag from 2019.  It even matches one of my first Disney Dress Shop dresses!  Last year, I also added the Mickey's Merry Christmas tote and the Mickey Gingerbread convertible crossbody to my collection!

In addition to their online releases, Harveys occasionally has a collection that drops on Shop Disney and in the Disney Parks instead.  These releases are always popular and tend to sell out very quickly.  Some of these releases over the past year have included the Walk in the Park collection, the Halloween 2021 collection, and the Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary bag that was just released a few weeks ago.  These product releases usually coincide with a signing event at Downtown Disney (Disneyland) or at Disney Springs (Walt Disney World).  Due to the pandemic, they haven't had many the past few years, but the Halloween 2021 launch did include a signing event at Disneyland! 

Harveys also carries a bunch of items other than bags.  They also sell bows, dog collars, dog leashes, purse straps, lanyards, key chains and headbands with their seatbelts.  Through the years, I've also seen patches, pins, plushes, scarves, shirts, beanies, keychains, coin purses, dust bags, berets, ornaments, and more!  Not gonna lie... I've bought my fair share of accessories along with my hand bags.

The coolest part of shopping at Harveys is the community feeling.  When they were able to have in person releases, Harveys had regulars that would come the night before to wait in line.  They usually had a food truck there for people to eat.  "Purse sisters" would stay up and talk all night in line with each other.  Dana and Melanie know a lot of their customers because so many of us are repeat customers.  Plus, Melanie always signs some of the boxes when they're shipping a big release out.  I actually got a signed box once and I made Eliot cut that part out so I could keep it!

There is also a very active online community.  About two years ago, Harveys created their own Facebook group called the Happy Harveys Club.  In the group, people share "family photos" of their handbag collections.  It's really cool to see pictures of what everyone collects.  There are women (and men!) who collect certain silhouettes in all of the colors Harveys releases.  Other people only collect items released in one seatbelt color.  There are also a lot of us who discovered Harveys through their Disney items.

There are other Harveys groups on Facebook that allow buying, selling and trading between members.  Some women make custom seatbelt bows to match the bags, while others make matching bag charms.  Some people show off their custom creations that they made by adding patches, ribbon or pins to their bags!  (I recently bought my first bag to customize with patches... hopefully I can show you that soon!) 

People have a lot of fun in the groups.  Someone bought a colorful sweater that looks like Kevin from Disney Pixar's Up and group members take turns mailing "Kevin" to other purse sisters so they can take a photo of themselves wearing Kevin with their Harveys bag.  There's another member who has some gorgeous dolls that he dresses up in stylish outfits.  His dolls have their own Harveys bags (actually Harveys miniature handbag ornaments) that are the perfect size for them!  I always love seeing his photos of the girls dressed up with their Harveys accessories!

Harveys' motto is "happy people making happy products" and they are indeed happy products with many happy customers.  I'm not paranoid to carry them since they're so durable and they always make me smile.  Unfortunately, like many of my other accessories, most of my Harveys bags are tucked away at the moment.  Once I finish re-organizing our master bedroom, I plan to switch my bags out a lot more often.  I can't wait because I have so many cute things and I want to use them!

If you're looking to treat yourself or to give someone something special, Harveys seatbelt bags are perfect!  The bags are sturdy, durable and easily cleanable.  I also love supporting a small business that's handmade in the USA!  

Most importantly, Dana and Melanie really care about their customers and they listen to what they say- both good and bad.  They want to know what products we'd like to see in the future.  Harveys is always looking to better themselves and to make the shopping experience better for their customers.  You can't ask for more than that!  °o°

Sunday, March 27, 2022

A Double Header Day

It's no secret that Eliot and I have been crazy busy the past few weeks.  With the knowledge that we're about ready to get even busier in the coming weeks, it feels like we're in overdrive right now.  So far, we seem to be rising to the challenge... but everyone needs a break now and again. 

Yesterday, Eliot and I had the most full day that we've had in a long time at home.  It started with getting our packages ready to go to the post office.  Then, he left to mail them and pick a few things up at the grocery store.  When he got back, we set to work trying to fix my master bedroom closet.  (That's another whole story... basically the short version is that my shelf and closet rod were coming out of the wall and starting to collapse.)  After removing the original one and spackling the wall, we needed to get wood and new shelf brackets before we could finish the repairs.

The second half of our day was a lot more enjoyable.  Eliot and I have been working so hard with the businesses that we're still ahead on most of our orders.  We needed to go to Home Depot for supplies anyways, so we decided to take the rest of the day off.

We had a double motive for our trip to Portland.  It was to get supplies, but it was mostly to go to the Maine Mariners hockey team's special Wild Blueberries themed night.  We've had it on our radar for the past month, but we didn't commit to buying tickets for the game until we knew where we were at with our businesses.

It felt really good taking the afternoon and evening off.  I think we earned it... especially knowing how the next few weeks are going to go.  We drove to Portland and had a late lunch and early dinner at Friendly's at 4:00 pm.  Then, we stopped at Home Depot to grab the supplies we needed.  We even divided and conquered to save time!

I drove us up to downtown Portland.  We parked in the same parking area we had during one of our other Maine Mariners games.  We haven't been to a Mariners game since March of 2020- right before everything closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It was so much fun to be back at a local game, without face masks, cheering the guys on and enjoying life as it used to be.  A few people were still wearing face masks, but Eliot and I opted not to.  This past month, we've been on airplanes, at Disneyland in huge lines, and in huge crowds... so this felt pretty safe in the scheme of things.

It was also a special game to go to.  Every year, the Mariners do a special Maine Wild Blueberries night where the team wears special jerseys of their alternate logo.  Back when the team was finalizing their name, the Wild Blueberries was the second in the voting for their name and logo... so they still pay tribute to that each season.

Photo Source

Eliot and I had a great time.  It was probably the busiest game we've been to so far and the arena was pretty filled.  It's never completely full, but it was enough of a crowd to cheer loudly.  And there was plenty to cheer about... the Maine Mariners scored nine goals!  We were glad the game went well because we're currently ranked 4th and this team (the Newfoundland Growlers) was ranked 2nd.  We had also lost to them Friday night.  But the "Maine Wild Blueberries" won 9-4 at our game!!!

After the game, Eliot and I went back over to the mall area.  We went into Homegoods quickly to see if they had any Disney Easter stuff.  I was sorely disappointed in how little they had, but at least they had the Mickey bowls I wanted to get!  Then, we made a quick stop at Walmart before heading home.

But our night wasn't quite over... we were buckling in for a hockey double-header.  Eliot and I got home just before 10 pm, and the San Jose Sharks were playing at 10:30.  I barely got a few business things done before that game started.

Thankfully, the Sharks game went better than it started.  Our goalie saved our butts during the first 10 minutes of the 1st period.  Then, the rest of the guys showed up and started taking it to the Anaheim Ducks.  It ended up being another really good game to watch.  Timo Meier scored three goals and got his second hat trick this season!  (Yes, this Timo Meier.)  I half missed his first goal, but I saw the second one go in... it was almost like slow motion.  I was on Timo hat trick watch for the rest of the game.  I screamed like a psycho when I saw his third goal go in.  It was a beautiful one too.  He passed the puck to himself between his legs before shooting a backhand into the net.  I went nuts and definitely scared the crap out of Eliot- who was half asleep on the couch.

Photo Source

The Sharks won the game 4-1 and I was stoked.  I was afraid that it would be hard to fall asleep after all of the cheering, but I was exhausted.  Between working on our businesses, working on the house, going to a hockey game, going shopping and watching another game on television, I was completely wiped out.  But I'm so thankful for our double header day.  We got to enjoy an actual double header between the Maine Mariners and the San Jose Sharks hockey games, and our day kind of felt like a double header of working the first half and playing the second half.

In a time when my word of the year is "balance" it was nice to find some yesterday.  °o°

Friday, March 25, 2022

Fun Find: Encantix Commercial

Happy Friday!  I feel like it's been forever since I posted on here even thought it's only been three days since my last post.  I've been super busy trying to clean and organize our master bedroom this week; but I've been really productive!  (That's probably why it feels like it's been so long... each day feels more like two than one!)  Anyways... 

I wanted to pop in quickly with a short Fun Find post.  I stumbled across this video on YouTube when I was taking a break from cleaning earlier today.  I was doubled over in laughter after watching it.  I've already watched it twice and I have to show Eliot when he gets home from work!  This "commercial" on Jimmy Kimmel Live is too funny!

The best part is that Lin-Manuel Miranda was the one doing it.  I love the disclaimers at the end and how it's not supposed to be used for "Hamilton, Moana or any other Disney musical."  That had me giggling.  Then, the "Call your doctor if you can't stop talking about Bruno for more than four hours," part had me roaring with laughter.

Finally, the "from the makers of Frozac" part really drove it home.  If you look closely at the boxes, they have hilarious details on them too.  I didn't catch them the first time that I watched the "commercial" so I've taken screen shots for you to enjoy!

Even more than two months after first watching Encanto, I admit that I still listen to the soundtrack at least once a day and it's been my go to soundtrack while working in our master bedroom.  And "We Don't Talk About Bruno" is the song Eliot and I wake up to every morning.  We just can't seem to get enough of Bruno!

I hope you enjoyed this funny little video!  So if you're like me and Encanto songs are living in your head rent free 24/7, Lin-Manuel Miranda can help!  °o°

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness

Howdy folks!  I hope this week is treating you well.  Eliot and I have been crazy busy as usual, but it's been a wonderful and productive week so far!  Today I wanted to pop in for a minute to check in.  The next month or so is about to get a little bit wilder than usual so I thought I would give you all a heads-up.  

First, I am planning to go up to my parents' house for a few days to help out at the end of tax season.  This year, April 15th falls on a Friday, but since it's also Emancipation Day, the government has pushed the deadline back.  For most of the country, it now falls on Monday, April 18th.  But, if you live in Maine or Massachusetts, Monday the 18th is also Patriots Day and you guessed it... you have until Tuesday, April 19th to file your income taxes.  (Can we seriously drag this out any longer US government... as the daughter of an accountant- I'm not impressed.)  Jeremy has a few days off too; I'm not 100% of our actual plans, but we'll figure that out between now and then.

On top of that, I just found out last Tuesday that my replacement at my chiropractic job gave her notice and will be leaving at the end of March.  I spoke with my former boss last week, and I have agreed to fill in while they're trying to find her replacement.  None of us are sure how long that will take, but I've volunteered to take over her shifts on Thursdays and Fridays through April.  My first day back is March 31st, so I can work her last shift with her.  Then, I can find out where she's moved everything and if there's anything else I need to be aware of before she leaves.  Thankfully, we're both pretty chill about texting each other with questions so I'm not too stressed out about it! 

Looking ahead, my schedule will be Thursday afternoons from noon to 6:30 ish.  Then, Fridays will be from 10-1 at least, but probably closer to 2:00 or 2:30 depending on what needs to be done.  We stop seeing patients at 1:00, but I'll probably stay to make sure that everything gets done that needs to.  It'll be a bit of an adjustment to be back on a steady schedule, but it's only for a few weeks and I'm happy to help out. 

However, it will take planning on my part.  I've had a week to let everything marinate, and I've already started making some big moves.  I had a lot of spring cleaning that I had intended to get done, and I don't want to look back at this spring and feel like I didn't get anything done.  Thus, I've taken some extreme measures to feel like I've accomplished something between now and when I start working in the office.  Then, I'll feel good about where I'm at before I start working again!

Eliot's and my bedroom is complete and utter chaos right now, with containers stacked everywhere while I work to completely rearrange my closet and my dresser.  I've been trying to get this done forever, so I finally told him that I needed to make a giant mess in order to get organized.  I usually leave those projects for when he's away on a trip, but since he doesn't have any business trips coming up anytime soon, the time is now!

If that gets done, then I'll probably start to tackle the master bathroom.  I have all of our decor and I just need to get it all out and set up.  I had wanted to touch up the walls and paint the vanity first, but at this point, it probably makes more sense to get it set up.  Then, when I have time I can work on those projects!

Eliot and I have been working really hard the past few weeks on Happily Ever Hatter and Snowblade Creations.  We busted our butts to get everything done before our trip to California.  (We mailed 20 packages the day that we left.)  Since we got home, we have been trying to print things within a few days of them being ordered.  As of today, we're ahead on all of our new orders.  In fact, tomorrow we will be mailing out a bunch of orders that weren't even scheduled to go out until April.  That feels really good and we're trying to keep on that pace so my working next month won't put us behind!

I feel pretty good about everything right now.  Of course, all of that can change in an instant... so I'm trying to take advantage of the time I have while we're ahead and on pace.  I see a lot of home organization projects, cleaning and filling orders in my future for the next week and a half before I go back to the office!  I think it's time that I buckle up for this rollercoaster ride, because this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!  °o°

Monday, March 21, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Mickey's of Glendale

Today I'm popping in with a magical merchandise post I wasn't planning on writing... but the other day, Eliot and I got to take part in a special merchandise release and I had to share the details about it!  Starting last Friday, March 18th, Mickey's of Glendale was doing a special t-shirt release that was exclusive to D23 Gold Members.

I first heard about the shopping event a few days prior, in a completely random way.  I was actually going onto the D23 website to order Eliot's and my free D23 gold member appreciation magnets.  He had seen the information for the magnets posted online and asked me if I'd log into our accounts to order them.  (Oswald for me and Stitch for him so we got both to put on our refrigerator!)  When I was browsing around the D23 website afterwards, I happened to notice something that said Mickey's of Glendale.

Before I go any further, here's a quick backstory of what Mickey's of Glendale is.  It's the Walt Disney Imagineering exclusive campus store, and only Disney Imagineers are able to shop there.  Occasionally, they have special events where outsiders are allowed in to shop, but it's pretty exclusive.  During D23 Expos, they usually have a Mickey's of Glendale pop up shop.  When Eliot and I went to the 2017 D23 Expo, we got to go shopping there (that's another whole story itself) and we spent about $500... no exaggeration.  They had Imagineering t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, pens, journals, water bottles, and more.  And we bought a lot of it!  As most of you probably already know, both Eliot and I wanted to be Imagineers so even shopping there and having my own polo shirt meant the world to me.  Now getting back to present day...

Eliot and I just renewed our D23 Gold Memberships after taking a break.  We were original charter members back when the club first launched in 2009.  Between moving to Woburn, then to our rental house in Maine, and to our current house, we lost track of our membership and it expired somewhere along the way.  However, before we signed up for the D23 Expo later this year, we decided to renew them!

You could say that I was a bit excited when I saw Mickey's of Glendale was doing an online sale exclusive to D23 Gold Members.  I couldn't wait to tell Eliot all about it.  The merchandise was being released online at noon on Friday, March 18th, except no one knew exactly what website it was going to be sold on. 

What we did know were that there were two collections of shirts and they were both designed by the Walt Disney Imagineering team.  The first collection was inspired by the WDI mascot, Sorcerer Mickey.  The second collection was the Attraction Spiels Collection and it featured shirts designed with the spiels of different theme park attractions.  (Who could forget the monorail spiel, "¡Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!”)  According to the website, these items were originally available at the 2019 D23 Expo, but since we didn't go to that event, we missed them.

At noon on Friday, I was sitting on my laptop ready to go.  I checked D23's website, Shop Disney, searched for Mickey's of Glendale... nothing.  I searched on popular Disney news sites, and re-checked D23, Shop Disney... still nothing.  I called Eliot and he couldn't find them either.  At this point, it was about 10-15 minutes into the event, and I gave up assuming everything was sold out at that point.

About 10 minutes later, I got a call from Eliot and he told me the D23 website had been updated with a direct link to the sales site.  We both got put into a waiting room, but it was only a few minutes since there weren't that many of us online.  Once Eliot and I both got in, we discovered that it was a special site where you ordered all of the merchandise on one page.  (We're assuming the shirts are made to order since the event is open for one week and nothing ships until April.)  We both searched through the available options from the Attraction Spiels and Sorcerer Mickey collections.

We each decided to get two shirts... although we could have gotten more.  I was ready to place the order, but it wouldn't go through.  I finally called Eliot after about 5 failed attempts.  He couldn't get it to work either, but once he added a Matterhorn shirt to the order, it went through.  (That was the shirt at the top of the page and apparently there was a glitch that wouldn't allow the order to go through unless you had one in your cart.)  Luckily, Eliot liked that shirt anyways, so he ended up with three and I got two.

Eliot also purchased the Monorail shirt - I knew he'd want that one- and the Neon Lights Sorcerer Mickey shirt.  While I opted for the pink Sorcerer Mickey shirt as well as the geometric abstract Sorcerer Mickey shirt in a v-neck ladies style.  There were a few others that I liked... but I haven't decided if I want any others or not.

Thankfully, I've got a few more days to think about it as the event is open until Friday, March 25th.  So if you're a D23 Gold Member and you're interested in purchasing some exclusive Mickey's of Glendale merchandise, now's the time!  You can find the link to purchase here and read more about this event on the D23 website here.

Happy Mickey's of Glendale shopping!!!  °o°