Monday, March 9, 2020

Whirlwind Weekend

Whew!  This was quite a whirlwind weekend!  Eliot and I had a lot of business and personal stuff jam packed into the past two days.  Today, I'm spending the day trying to re-set and catch my breath from everything.  But we had a lot of fun!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Saturday morning Eliot and I got up incredibly early to travel down to Massachusetts to get the Disney Store Cinderella key.  As always, we enjoyed spending time with my brother Jeremy- even if it wasn't for a long time.  Then upon arriving home, Eliot and I had a nice afternoon nap.

When we got back up around 7:00, we went downstairs and I started to work on my laptop.  A few minutes later, I asked our Amazon Alexa what time the San Jose Sharks game was on, and she gave me the Sunday game's time.  Puzzled, I checked the calendar on my phone and realized that it was an early game and we'd already missed pre-game and about half of the first period.  (Whoopsies!)  I immediately stopped what I was doing to put on the Sharks game against Ottawa Senators.

Of course, Saturday was also our big Happily Ever Hatter hair clip launch.  I worked on a few business things while Eliot and I watched the game.  The Sharks lost the game in overtime but at least I was productive with business stuff!  All of the hair clip samples that we'd finished were posted and we worked on a few more during the game!

Sunday we had a rough start with the clocks changing for Daylight Savings Time.  We rolled out of bed much later than we'd planned, but I tried not to be too frustrated as I had a hard time falling asleep after our nap from Saturday afternoon.  Thankfully, we didn't have anything planned for early in the day anyways.

Sunday afternoon, we had plans to go to the Maine Mariners hockey game for 90's Night.  It was a 3:00 pm game so we knew it would be busy with families.  We got ready and made our way to the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland.  We arrived at the arena around 2:30 and had plenty of time to get parked, put our jerseys on, buy our tickets, watch warm-ups for a few minutes and to make our way to our seats.

I had the idea that we should wear our Buzz Lightyear jerseys to go with the 90's Night theme.  It was fun to wear them out somewhere other than Disney.  Of course, taken out of context not as many people connected the dots right away.  But we had a few people come up to us and tell us how much they loved them.  A mother and daughter came over and asked where we got them.  A lot of people enjoyed the "To Infinity" and "And Beyond" on the back; although, I'm not sure if anyone got the "19" and "95" reference to the year Toy Story was released in theaters.

The Maine Mariners were ahead most of the game with a 2-0 lead.  Unfortunately, the Worcester Railers got two goals and the game when into overtime.  Then, the Mariners didn't play as well as they did the rest of the game and they lost in overtime.  (We're 0-0-2 with the games we've been to this season.  I think Eliot and I are bad luck!)  We did leave with two new pucks though!  We didn't get any pucks last game so we made sure to buy a Mainers logo puck and a Beacon mascot puck!

After the game, Eliot and I enjoyed dinner at Friendly's.  Then, we went to ACMoore to see if our store was still open.  (They're going out of business and we haven't been since before Thanksgiving due to all of our travels.)  The store was closing in 10 minutes, so we did a quick loop seeing what they had available.  There was more than we expected and we've decided to go back later this week to pick up a few things.  

Then, we went to Walmart to grab some groceries and a few cleaning supplies.  We couldn't believe how empty the shelves were with people stocking up due to the coronavirus.  Thankfully, we were able to get toilet paper since we legitimately needed to get some.  The employee there said they had just stocked the shelves with the last few packages in the store.  Clorox wipes and Lysol sprays were no where to be found.

After checking out, we headed home.  NBC Sports Network was broadcasting an all women produced hockey game of the St. Louis Blues vs Chicago Blackhawks.  We turned that on to listen to the women call the game.  Afterwards, the Sharks were playing the Colorado Avalanche at 10 pm for the second half of the double header.

If it weren't for all of our recent travels, this would have been the weekend that we'd have gone out to San Jose to see the Sharks back-to-back weekend home games.  It was a bittersweet watching them this weekend, but I'm ok with staying home.  We've been away from home so much that it's been nice to stay here- even if that means watching our men in teal from afar.  Plus, with all of the coronavirus cases out in San Francisco, I'm glad that we're staying in the New England area for now.

The Sharks ended up losing 4-3, but they played a pretty decent game overall.  The Avalanche are a really good team this year so Eliot and I were both happy that it was at least close.  (We were kind of expecting to get wiped out.)

After that, I headed to bed because I was completely exhausted.  (Daylight Savings Time always messes me up for a few days.)  We've got another busy week ahead of us this week with finishing up some mouse ear orders, hair clip samples, starting our spring cleaning and getting ready to head back to Massachusetts on Saturday!  I think it's time to grab some coffee with an extra shot of magic!!!  °o°

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