Friday, March 27, 2020

Fun Find: Magical Quarantine Memes (Part 1)

Well, here's a post that I never thought I'd be writing.  The vast majority of us are sitting at home, stuck inside due to the spreading coronavirus.  I think at this point, we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up.  Thankfully, I've been trying to find the humor in all of this and the internet has not disappointed me.  Quarantine memes and jokes have been all over my newsfeed and I've been saving my favorites on both my phone and laptop.  Of course, there have been some really good Disney posts.  I thought this is the perfect way to bring you a few laughs during these scary and uncertain times.  Thus, I present my latest Fun Find Friday: Magical Quarantine Memes (Part 1).

Yes, this is only Part 1.  While, I was getting ready to post this I finally compiled all of the ones that I've collected in the past two weeks.  As of right now, I have 65 Disney themed quarantine memes.  Confession: I had NO idea I had that many... but it doesn't surprise me considering I've saved about 300 posts.  Thus, I've decided to split them up into posts each Friday.  It will give us all something to look forward to, and they will continue to make me laugh over these next few weeks.  So let's do this!

This Fastpass might actually be necessary.  Schedule the rest around this one!

The moment when I knew we were all really in trouble.

How I feel while grocery shopping.

This is both hilarious and very depressing at the same time.

When Buzz Lightyear offered his space suit to Woody.

The feeling when Friday the 13th rolls around right in the middle of all this.

Sebastian is really on to something...

This is very depressing to me... and heaven to those of you who really hate this ride.

The truth about quarantine feelings.

Eliot and I might actually have to do this if we don't find supplies soon.

It's true, Rapunzel is an expert at this whole isolation thing.

I concur with Olaf.

Explaining "Social Distancing" to a child.

This made me laugh out loud a few times.  Mickey does deserve a vacation.

Finally... I've saved one of my favorites for last.  This has made me laugh out loud every time it's shown up on my newsfeed.  (And don't forget to sing it for the full effect!)

I really hope you enjoyed these magical quarantine memes as much as I did.  They certainly made me laugh and put a smile on my face!  I'll post Part 2 of my Magical Quarantine Memes series next Friday!  Stay strong friends!  °o°

Please Note: I did not make any of these memes and I don't claim ownership of the photos or the jokes.  Most of them I've seen uncredited on Facebook from other people who have shared them.  I just wanted to put them all in one spot so we might try to find some humor in a dark time when we could use a smile.

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