Thursday, March 19, 2020

Into the Unknown

Hi friends.  I hope this post finds you safe and most importantly- healthy.  This past week has been one heck of a year, huh?  I've needed a few days to process and get my own thoughts and feelings in order.  I'm still reeling a bit from all of this, but each day I'm becoming more and more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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It's been a week since all hell broke loose.  A week since professional sports were all postponed indefinitely.  A week since Disney announced closures of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  A week since Disney Cruise Line suspended all sailings.  A week since colleges and universities closed and sent students home after spring break.

Since then, there's been a lot more of that.  Disney Resorts, Downtown Disney, Disney Springs and Disney Stores are all now closed.  Adventures by Disney has suspended their trips through April.  Most schools across the country are closed and some kids might not go back to school at all this year.  Businesses all over the country are temporarily closing.  Some counties and cities are forcing people (including both of Eliot's parents) to quarantine at home and not leave the house for 3 weeks.  While other businesses seem to want to push through this until they're forced to close.

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Let face it, this is pretty terrifying.  Officials are saying that this could last months, even until July or August.  I'm trying to stay optimistic through it all.  I don't really leave the house that often anyways.  My day-to-day hasn't changed that much over the past week... except that everything has changed.  I'm afraid to leave the house to get groceries and supplies.  I'm afraid every time Eliot goes to work.  I'm afraid the craft stores will close and I won't have what I need for our business.  Let's not get started with how terrified I am of making enough money to pay our bills during all of this.

The truth is that we're all Elsa journeying into the unknown.

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It's not a journey we chose to take, but it's a path we're all walking down regardless.  I have faith that we'll get through this if we stick together.  The fact that so many people are sitting at home putting their lives on pause is inspiring.  We're all standing together to fight against this virus.  This is unprecedented... and will surely shape our future.

We all need to continue to do our part.  Listen to the health professionals.  Please continue to stay home and protect yourself, your family and our fellow humans.  It's a small world after all.  Let's all pull together and do the next right thing.  °o°

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  1. Yes, We're ALL in this together! Thanks for your posts Melissa and Stay Safe!