Sunday, March 8, 2020

Cinderelly, Cinderelly

On February 15th, Disney's Cinderella film celebrated it's 70th anniversary.  There has been a lot of merchandise released over the past month to celebrate the milestone.  

Yesterday, the Disney Store released their Cinderella key in stores and online.  We'd heard rumors while there last weekend that there were only going to be 48 of them per store.  (Disney was selling these ones as opposed to having them as a free gift with purchase like they usually do.)  After finding this out Eliot, Jeremy and I had decided to arrive at the mall around 8:00 am to get in line since the keys were so limited.

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Thus, Eliot and I started the weekend off by getting up at 5:00 am to travel down to the Burlington Mall to meet up with Jeremy.  We left our house at 6:00 am and had a smooth ride down to Massachusetts.  We arrived at the mall at 7:40 which was a few minutes after Jeremy.  (He texted and said he was about 18th in line at the time.)  Eliot and I hurried in and were three people behind Jeremy, so he ended up moving back to stand in line with us since he would still get one of the keys.

I was a little bit worried about boredom from arriving over two hours before the store opened, but the time passed by quickly.  Jeremy and I sat in Eliot's and my foldable camp chairs and talked for a bit while Eliot sat on the floor playing on his phone.  Then, Jeremy played a game on his phone while Eliot and I played some Emoji Blitz.

As usual, we made some friends while in line.  I went over to the girl a few people ahead of us and asking her if her lavender Disneyland Spirit Jersey was the new spring color.  She said it was and showed me the back with the glittery text.  I told her I was thinking about getting one but that I wasn't sure on the color.  Then, she showed me her new Riviera Resort Loungefly mini backpack.  It was really cute too.  Somehow we got talking about Disney Weddings.  Eliot and I told our new friends that we got married there.  I had a few wedding photos on our phone so I showed them to everyone.

We kept watching the line as it slowly filled behind us.  I was shocked that there were so many people showing up in the last hour.  But we kept track of the numbers and it looked like everyone would get a key.  Around 9:40, we put the chairs away and prepared for the numbers to be handed out.  

Before we knew it, the Disney Store cast members were coming out to greet us.  They made a few announcements about the "rules" of purchasing the key and then finally handed out the numbers.  We were numbers 22, 23, and 24.  Thankfully, everyone who had gotten in line early got a number.  There were a few people who joined the line right before opening, but I'm not sure if they were there for a key or just told that they had to wait in line behind everyone else.

The store opened and the three of us filed in behind everyone.  A lot of people went right to the registers for their keys, but since we had the numbers to guarantee us a key, I went straight towards the ice cream collection that we bought a few things from last week.  This time we didn't need to buy anything else since the key was for sale itself, but I wanted to get the ice cream treat tray that had already sold out online. 

After grabbing two trays, we made our way to the check out line.  Just like last week, it had already wrapped back around into the toy section.  The girl we were behind last week was behind us and we got talking to her again.  When we reached the plush display, Jeremy started playing with the Dalmatian and making him sit on my shoulder and beg to be bought but I said no more dalmatians.  (I have so many 101 Dalmatians plushes.)  Then, I spotted a Fairy Godmother plush and grabbed her.  As soon as I picked her up, I knew she was also coming home with us.  I bought my Nana a Fairy Godmother shirt for our wedding week and I always tell her she's my Fairy Godmother so the character has a special place in my heart.

Of course, when I exclaimed out loud "ooh the Fairy Godmother!" everyone in line heard me.  The girl behind us proceeded to take one and check her out and said that she needed to take one home too.  Then, someone else saw us holding ours and grabbed one.  Then, the girl in front of me heard us talking about her and she grabbed one.  Before I knew it, I'd unintentionally enabled everyone else in line and there were no Fairy Godmothers left on the display.  The girl behind us was teasing me like "oh gee, thanks Melissa!  This is all your fault!"  It was pretty funny.

After we checked out and got our keys, we made our way towards the exit.  On the way out, we talked to two different cast members about the Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa dolls that were being released next weekend.  The cast member told us that they had heard they were getting 35 of them in store.  We quickly did the math that if each Disney Store got that many, our odds of getting them online was going to diminish.  We asked a few more questions and left the store pretty much resigned to the fact that we'd be making yet another trip down to Massachusetts next weekend.

After leaving the store, I had to use the restroom so I headed toward the food court and the boys went to Newbury Comics.  We had decided to meet back up at the Lego Store.  I arrived at the Lego Store ahead of them so I killed time by checking out the Harry Potter, Star Wars and Disney Legos again.  The employees recognized me from the other Disney Store key weekends.  I joked with one of the guys that we'd be back for the Cinderella's Castle Lego set once we got our tax refund.  (We keep saying that we'll buy it, and at this point, we need to get one if we really want it.  Both Eliot and I are afraid that Lego will retire it since it's been out for a few years!)

Eliot and Jeremy arrived at the Lego store about 10 minutes later.  Eliot had a giant Newbury Comics bag in his hand and I immediately knew that he'd bought a few Funko Pop Vinyls.  It was no surprise since I expected that might be the hold up.  I asked him what he bought and he proceeded to say it was all for me.  Then, he took out a Fairy Godmother, Cinderella in her pink dress, and the Cinderella Carriage with horses!  I held them all up towards the Lego Cinderella Castle and said that they'd match my castle perfectly!  (The employees all chucked at me.)  After telling my Lego castle that I'd be back for it, we decided to head to our cars, joking with the employees and saying that we'd probably see them again next weekend!

I had parked our car right next to Jeremy's so it would be easy to exchange the stuff we had for each other.  Last weekend, I'd forgotten to bring his Star Wars crystals from Walt Disney World with us and he'd forgotten all about my Minnie Mouse key.  This time, we exchanged items, then said goodbye to Jeremy and hoped in the car.

Eliot and I had a few stops to make on the way home.  First, we went to the post office in Woburn to drop off a pair of mouse ears.  Then, I was starving so we decided to go to the Fuddrucker's in the Reading Jordan's Furniture.  Eliot and I enjoyed our burgers and split a bowl of bacon cheese fries.  We thought about staying for the 1:40 showing of Disney Pixar's Onward in the IMAX theater, but we decided against it because we were so tired from getting up early and it would probably be packed anyways.

I drove us home while Eliot went in and out of sleep.  Thankfully, it was sunny but it was also really windy out.  My car was all over the road as I tried to keep it in a straight line.  I was awake and alert, but I could tell that I was going to hit a wall eventually.

Around 2:30, we finally pulled into our driveway and brought everything inside.  Eliot started the 3D printer while I went to change into my pajamas.  I crawled into bed and he joined me a few minutes later.  It was a great morning and successful mission to MA, but the lack of sleep finally caught up to us.  I completely crashed and had a wonderful afternoon nap dreaming of fairy godmothers, castles and carriages.  °o°

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