Saturday, May 31, 2014

June 2014 Calendar

It's that time again!  Here's my June 2014 Mickey and Minnie Free Printable Calendar!  

The monthly calendar is repeatedly one of my most popular posts!  I'm so honored that you guys love it!  I am pretty proud of it!

Here's the link to download the June 2014 PDF version of the printable.

Feel free to link this post up to Pinterest or Facebook so your friends and family can have a fun Mickey and Minnie calendar too!  Let's spread the Disney Magic!!!  :-)

Enjoy!   °o°

Note: A lot of you leave me comments asking where future months are.  I've probably already gone ahead a few months with making them in InDesign.  (I'm currently only up to July of 2014, although I'm planning to get a few more done in the next few days.) However, I don't post the links on my blog until the beginning of each month.  If you're looking for a particular month and would like me to email it to you ahead of my post going live, you can send my blog an email at mydisneylifeblog[at]  Then, I'll send you the PDFs directly.  :-)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy 60th Nana and Papa

Today, I would like to wish my Nana and Papa a very Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary!

Ad we placed in the Calais Advertiser Newspaper.

As my regular readers know, my Nana and Papa are very special people in my life.  They are the most amazing grandparents to their 8 grandchildren.  And they have been like a second set of parents to my brother and me.

Nana and Papa at Port Orleans French Quarter in 2008.

My cousins and I have many fond memories of visiting the house in Orono.  Nana and Papa had a large three season style enclosed porch with tons of windows.  We used to put on skits and plays for our family there.  (Our all time favorite to act out was Aladdin.) We also used to curl up on Nana and Papa's bed and watch tons of movies together.

Magic Kingdom 2009.

We also have a lot of memories at Nana and Papa's Camp.  They were gracious hosts as we would always try to get the family together for the Calais and St. Stephen (New Brunswick, Canada) International Festival in August.  We all have many fun memories at the camp and lake: swimming, boating, camping in tents, barbecues and going blueberry picking in their field.  One year we made a blueberry pie with the berries we picked!

Riding in the front of the Monorail in 2009.

When Nana and Papa sold the house and moved to camp, they started living at my family's house during the cold winter months.  Jeremy and I got to spend a lot of time with Nana and Papa growing up as a result of this.  They were very active in our school activities.  They also would watch Jeremy and me when Mom and Dad were away for tax conferences.  (Don't tell my parents, but I really enjoyed them going away so we could have some time with Nana and Papa to ourselves.)

Epcot in April 2012 for our wedding planning.

My family has been on multiple Walt Disney World vacations with Nana and Papa.  I am blessed to have many wonderful memories and photos from our trips.  We went for the "100 Years of Magic" celebration when I was in high school.  We went again my last year of college for our trip in 2008.

Celebrating New Year's Eve at the Magic Kingdom 2007-2008.

I'm very thankful that Eliot's been able to enjoy trips to Disney with Nana and Papa as well.  (He's also very close to Nana and Papa.)  We've all gone to Disney together in 2009, April of 2012 to go to our wedding planning session, September of 2012 for our wedding, and this past January for our first RunDisney race weekend!

Mylen Family Reunion Day 2009.

My favorite family memory was our Mylen Family Reunion at Walt Disney World in 2009. We'd been talking about going for a while and after my immediate family went with Nana and Papa in 2008, everyone else decided they wanted in on the fun.  I designed family reunion t-shirts and insisted that we take a family photo in front of Cinderella Castle. (Eliot was at the hotel taking care of our 14 year old dog Lucky the morning we took the photo so he's not in it.)  We had so much fun down in Florida together.

Before Eliot's and my Disney wedding.

My all-time favorite memory at Disney with Nana and Papa was Eliot's and my Disney Wedding.  Our wedding day was so much fun and magical.  I know they really enjoyed themselves.  It was an incredible blessing for them to be able to experience it with us.

Our Disney Wedding at the Wedding Pavilion.

Happy 60th Anniversary Nana and Papa!  Today we celebrate you having many years of wonderful memories and adventures together!  May you have many more!  I love you both so much and hope you have a wonderful day!  °o°

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

As most of you know, Memorial Day weekend kicked off with the 24-Hour "Rock Your Disney Side" Party on Friday at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  While I wasn't able to attend the actual event in person, I was certainly there in spirit!  Instead, I rocked my Disney Side proudly at home by wearing my 2013 WDW logo shirt, my Disney Bride earrings and my Mickey Mouse necklace.

Photo Source Magic Kingdom & Disney Side logo: Disney Parks Blog
Eliot and I went up to Bar Harbor to visit my parents and brother for the weekend.  We drove up Friday night.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch any of the Electrical Parade or Wishes fireworks on the live video feed from the Magic Kingdom.  However, we did stop at a PetSmart on the way home to stretch our legs.  The store had a ton of Disney pet items.  We've been discussing getting some fish, so these tank decorations were tempting.  And we both really want to get a puppy eventually.  Of course any puppy of ours will have plenty of it's own Disney toys and accessories!

Shortly after arriving at my parents' house, I was accosted by a tiny Olaf.  He wanted some warm hugs and seemed pretty frantic to get them.  Eeyore, Duffy and Olaf became fast friends and spent the whole weekend together.  (More on that later...)

On Saturday, we relaxed at home for most of the day.  I worked on a few Happily Ever Hatter things online, then painted parts for one of our new welcome signs.  Mom also had me paint some butterflies for her.

Later in the day, we decided to go mini golfing.  Pirates Cove is one of my favorite things to do while visiting home.  Eliot and I absolutely love mini golf.  Plus, I love pirates, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the movies.  (Seriously, what's not to love?)  Jeremy, Eliot and I all got a hole-in-one.  Poor Daddy wasn't so lucky.  And we didn't win any free game tokens, but we had a great time!  I even took a photo with (kind of) Captain Hook! (He's definitely not Hook from OUAT anyways...)

Eliot and I then headed into Bar Harbor to meet up with Katie for dinner.  After that, we walked around town for a while and checked out some of the stores.  Bar Harbor was definitely busy for Memorial Day weekend!

Upon our return home, we were greeted by three munchkins "camping out" in the living room.  Mom had found an old play tent that I'd had when I was little.  Jeremy proceeded to put Eeyore, Duffy and Olaf in it.  Apparently, Jeremy went to great lengths to try to get Eeyore in the hammock, but he was just too big for it and kept falling off.  (There's hilarious photos as proof of this.  But Eeyore just looks like he's drunk in them.)

Sunday morning Eliot got up early to do a training run in Acadia National Park on the carriage paths.  He had a 13.1 mile half marathon route mapped out.  I had him text me every few miles so we'd know where he was. When he was at 8 miles, Dad, Jeremy and I headed over to do a 3 mile walk around Witch Hole.  The weather was sunny but the air was still pretty cool. Eliot ended up meeting us on the back half of our loop.  It's certainly good to be back outside training again!

While home, I also worked on my Mickey and Minnie bathroom curtain designs and measurements for Nana.  I had to double check a few of the measurements for our bathroom.  I also wanted to make the diagrams easier to read because the first ones were rushed and pretty confusing.  I'm so excited to see them when they're done!

While going through a few of our 4th of July decorations, Dad found a small American flag.  Dad "gave" it to Eeyore and we decided to take a picture of him with it.  Jeremy brought a few of his plush down and we took a collective Disney friend Memorial Day picture with all of them.  (I really miss having a dog to dress up and take photos of... our poor future puppy will have no idea what to do with us.)

It was a pretty quiet Memorial Day.  We had an indoor barbecue since the weather was kind of gross, then Jeremy headed out.  Eliot and I stayed a while longer so we could visit with Nana and Papa for a little bit.  Around 6:00 we packed up the car and headed home! 

It was a great weekend!  °o°

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blogger's Guilt

Oh my gosh, it's been almost two weeks since I last posted. I'm really on a roll with a whole lot of awful aren't I?  And I have a major case of blogger's guilt as a result of it.

Yes, I've been super busy the past few weeks.  I've been telling myself that I need to make time to sit down to write.  I haven't felt like I've done anything out of the ordinary that's worth writing about.  But I'm feeling like that shouldn't be an excuse!

Anyways, I'm going to try to get you caught up over the past week and a half.  After this past weekend, I have a lot more inspiration and things to write about!  I'll let you be the judge of how extraordinary or ordinary my past (almost) two weeks has been.

When I last checked in, I was going to Boston for a reunion with some of my interior design girlfriends from Wentworth.  Eliot was visiting his family and going to Colorado for his sister's graduation.  I also admitted how much of a "Once Upon a Time" geek I am. (For those of you keeping track, my OUAT finale viewing count is now up to four times.  I also had my second half of season 3 marathon while I worked on a few other things.)
Now that you're caught up, here's what I've been up to for the past few days... 

I went to Boston and had a wonderful time with my girlfriends.  It was so nice to catch up with them!  We talked for hours, did our nails, had some pizza, got dressed up and danced the night away at one of the bars in Boston.  I had such a great time!  Hopefully we'll be able to meet up more often!  I hadn't seen them in almost a year!

Last Monday, I got up and drove to Portland to pick Eliot up from the bus station. We came home and I ended up taking a nap until about noon.  (I never sleep well when he's flying.)  It was nice to have him, Eeyore and Duffy home after nine days of being away!

Later in the day Monday, my brother sent me a video via text.  Some of you may have already seen it on the My Disney Life Facebook Page.  He found me a small plush Olaf on his way home to visit our parents during his vacation week!  (I've been looking for a small Olaf plush forever!)  The video totally cracked me up.  I've decided that we both missed our true calling- to be puppeteers.

Throughout the week, I worked on a custom ear hat order for Happily Ever Hatter.  The hats were custom created for a fan on Facebook!  I hope that her kids like them!  I'm really excited about how the camouflage and peacock ear hats came out!

Finally, I've been working on some more top secret stuff for Elissa's visit!  I can't wait to share all of the wonderful things that I've been working on!  °o°

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Hi Friends!  Wow.  Has it really been 10 days since my last post?!?!?  Yikes!  

I've been really busy as you can imagine...

Eliot's away this week on vacation and visiting his family in California and then going to his sister's college graduation this weekend in Colorado.  Last week, I checked in on my cousin's cats a few times while he was away.  I've been trying to get a lot of organizing done while Eliot's not here!  I finally had a few minutes tonight to sit down and blog! Hopefully once Eliot returns, I can get back to my normal routine.  Here's what I've been up to since you last heard from me:

My parents came down this past weekend for Mother's Day and to help me clean out our garage.  It was a super productive Saturday.  Our garage looks amazing.  It was nice to have a few extra sets of hands to help move everything around!  Our grill and the patio furniture are back on our deck.  I also put my flower pots on the front porch!  Now that it's warmer, they just need some flowers!  Plus, it hasn't been getting dark until 8:00 pm!  It's finally feeling like spring is here!  Yippee!!!

On Sunday, I got to visit with my brother, parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin for Mother's Day!  We went over to Old Orchard Beach to meet up.  Nana loves her pier french fries so we thought we'd treat her for Mother's Day.  It was a great time filled with a lot of love and tons of laughter.  I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day too!

Photo Source: I'm a thief and I stole these from my Aunt Sherrie's Facebook!
Sunday night was the season finale of Once Upon a Time.  Jeremy was the unfortunate soul stuck in the car with me while we drove around.  He was subjected to all of my theories, desires and ideas about the 2 hour season finale.  Thankfully, he's an amazing brother and he had some of his own speculations that he shared with me.  Yay!  I'm not completely alone in my dork fest!  Although, he did laugh at me quite a bit when I took a picture of the yellow bug we saw on the way to Old Orchard.  (I may or may not have proclaimed it as Emma Swan's car and told him to follow it to Storybrooke.  I mean, we do live in Maine after all!)

Once everyone left, I sat down to finish my Once Upon a Time project.  I made a Snow White wedding dress ear hat inspired by the mother of the savior!  I thought it was totally appropriate for both the season finale AND Mother's Day.  I still need to finish taming the feathers, but I'm pretty happy with the result!

As for the show itself, WOW!!!  I am not afraid to admit that it brought me to tears; I laughed out loud numerous times ("behold, the Rolly Joger!"), and it was a-maz-ing.  I actually watched it twice Sunday night... and then I watched it again on Monday. (Remember- I already fully admitted to my dorkiness.)

Photo Source: Once Upon a Time Facebook
And then there was that ending... What?!?!?  Elsa?  In Storybrooke?  Frozen is coming!!! Is it next fall yet?  Please....?  Between Mother's Day and Once Upon a Time, Sunday was easily the highlight of the whole week so far.

Photo Source: Once Upon a Time Facebook
Eliot had a huge soap order the night before he left.  I've been organizing things around the house in between making batches of soap!  I finally mailed them out yesterday and I'm really proud of how they came out!  I've made soaps for Eliot before, but this was a big undertaking for me to do by myself!  20 sets of soap made, packaged and mailed out!

The rest of this week, I've been keeping busy organizing the house.  Today I went through the containers of breakable stuff in our guest bedroom.  I unboxed a ka-gillion picture frames.  We collect them from places that we've been.  Tomorrow, I'll distribute them all around the house!  (This isn't even all of the Disney ones that we have!)

Finally, my hubby might be away for the week, but he hasn't completely deserted me. I've been receiving lots of pictures and text messages from him throughout the week.  It looks like Eeyore and Duffy have had quite an adventure.  They had their own seat on the plane, went to Sea World, have had tons of snacks, and have made a new friend!

Photo Source: Various Text Messages from Eliot
Hopefully, you will hear from me again in the next few days!  I've got a girls' weekend planned with my interior design friends from college, but after that, things should return to normal with my blogging schedule... I hope!

Oh and don't worry!  I didn't forget about my blogiversary!  Once Eliot is home, I have a few surprises in store for you guys!  °o°

Sunday, May 4, 2014

One Year Blogiversary

Happy One Year Blogiversary to My Disney Life!!!

I had this whole she-bang planned of how I wanted to celebrate.  Unfortunately, I've been nursing a horrible headache and lightheadedness most of the afternoon.  I spent a good portion of today in bed for fear of passing out.  

But, don't feel badly for me!  I did have a very enjoyable lunch with Eliot, BJ and Katie before I started feeling ill.  So that's a pretty good way to celebrate!

I was determined at least mark the occasion on my "official" blogiversary on my blog! So... here it is.  It's not much, but I acknowledged it!  I'm a bit disappointed, but there will be more.  For now, I'm going to watch Revenge and go to back to bed!  

May the Fourth be with you!!!  °o°

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Keeping Busy

Hi Friends!  I wanted to say a quick hello!  I've been super busy.  What else is new?  Ha!

This past week we've been busy starting to prepare for Elissa's visit next month!  Eliot and I went to our local JoAnn Fabrics store and signed Elissa and I up for a Zentangles class!  I've been really interested in doodling lately and I've made a few drawings over the past few months.  I'm really excited to do this class with her and I can't wait to see the fun ideas we come up with!

Speaking of registrations, we finally got registered for the Color Run in South Portland! This is a long story... the race has actually been sold out for a few weeks now, but I'm a lucky ducky and I happened to refresh the Active website and it let me in this afternoon! Ironically, I'd gotten an email back from Color Run this morning about how it was sold out and they weren't sure if they were opening more spots.  I was going to pray that people backed out of it.  Anyways, Eliot, Elissa and myself are all registered and will now be joining our friends in the fun!  I picked out our team name: "Colors of the Wind."  Ha ha.  I love it; I'm so clever.  But, it's our team t-shirts I've designed that will be epic.  Stay tuned!

In not so happy news, Eliot's San Jose Sharks ended up on the wrong side of hockey history this past week.  They completely blew their 3-0 series lead against the LA Kings. In the NHL, teams do a best of seven games series during the playoffs.  Only 3 teams (well, now 4) have come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the last four games.  I'm still a bit disappointed, but at least I can still cheer for the Boston Bruins!  And Eeyore even has his Bruins jersey he can now wear.

As you've probably noticed, I still haven't been blogging as much.  I've been keeping myself really busy working on more hats.  I finally finished a creation for one customer that's taken me days to sort out.  But I'm finally happy with the patterns for the design and it came out great!  Introducing my Anna Ear Headband!  I absolutely love it!

I've still been gathering more supplies for other hat designs!  Eliot's going to be away visiting his family for 10 days starting next week, so I'm hoping to tackle some of those new projects while he's gone!

Finally, I'm also working on some blogging ideas and ways to make my blog better. There's a lot going on behind the scenes right now.  Just hang in there.  It will definitely be worth it in the end!   °o°

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 2014 Calendar

Hi Disney Friends!  Here's my May 2014 Mickey and Minnie Free Printable Calendar!  

The monthly calendar is always one of my most popular posts!  I'm glad you guys love it so much!  I really love it too!

Here's the link to download the May 2014 PDF version of the printable.

Feel free to link this post up to Pinterest or Facebook so your friends and family can have a fun Mickey and Minnie calendar too!  Let's spread the Disney Magic!!!  :-)

Enjoy!   °o°

Note: A lot of you leave me comments asking where future months are.  I've probably already gone ahead a few months with making them in InDesign.  (I'm currently up to July of 2014.)  However, I don't post the links on my blog until the beginning of each month.  If you're looking for a particular month and would like me to email it to you ahead of my post going live, you can send my blog an email at mydisneylifeblog[at]  Then, I'll send you the PDFs directly.  :-)