Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

As most of you know, Memorial Day weekend kicked off with the 24-Hour "Rock Your Disney Side" Party on Friday at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  While I wasn't able to attend the actual event in person, I was certainly there in spirit!  Instead, I rocked my Disney Side proudly at home by wearing my 2013 WDW logo shirt, my Disney Bride earrings and my Mickey Mouse necklace.

Photo Source Magic Kingdom & Disney Side logo: Disney Parks Blog
Eliot and I went up to Bar Harbor to visit my parents and brother for the weekend.  We drove up Friday night.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch any of the Electrical Parade or Wishes fireworks on the live video feed from the Magic Kingdom.  However, we did stop at a PetSmart on the way home to stretch our legs.  The store had a ton of Disney pet items.  We've been discussing getting some fish, so these tank decorations were tempting.  And we both really want to get a puppy eventually.  Of course any puppy of ours will have plenty of it's own Disney toys and accessories!

Shortly after arriving at my parents' house, I was accosted by a tiny Olaf.  He wanted some warm hugs and seemed pretty frantic to get them.  Eeyore, Duffy and Olaf became fast friends and spent the whole weekend together.  (More on that later...)

On Saturday, we relaxed at home for most of the day.  I worked on a few Happily Ever Hatter things online, then painted parts for one of our new welcome signs.  Mom also had me paint some butterflies for her.

Later in the day, we decided to go mini golfing.  Pirates Cove is one of my favorite things to do while visiting home.  Eliot and I absolutely love mini golf.  Plus, I love pirates, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the movies.  (Seriously, what's not to love?)  Jeremy, Eliot and I all got a hole-in-one.  Poor Daddy wasn't so lucky.  And we didn't win any free game tokens, but we had a great time!  I even took a photo with (kind of) Captain Hook! (He's definitely not Hook from OUAT anyways...)

Eliot and I then headed into Bar Harbor to meet up with Katie for dinner.  After that, we walked around town for a while and checked out some of the stores.  Bar Harbor was definitely busy for Memorial Day weekend!

Upon our return home, we were greeted by three munchkins "camping out" in the living room.  Mom had found an old play tent that I'd had when I was little.  Jeremy proceeded to put Eeyore, Duffy and Olaf in it.  Apparently, Jeremy went to great lengths to try to get Eeyore in the hammock, but he was just too big for it and kept falling off.  (There's hilarious photos as proof of this.  But Eeyore just looks like he's drunk in them.)

Sunday morning Eliot got up early to do a training run in Acadia National Park on the carriage paths.  He had a 13.1 mile half marathon route mapped out.  I had him text me every few miles so we'd know where he was. When he was at 8 miles, Dad, Jeremy and I headed over to do a 3 mile walk around Witch Hole.  The weather was sunny but the air was still pretty cool. Eliot ended up meeting us on the back half of our loop.  It's certainly good to be back outside training again!

While home, I also worked on my Mickey and Minnie bathroom curtain designs and measurements for Nana.  I had to double check a few of the measurements for our bathroom.  I also wanted to make the diagrams easier to read because the first ones were rushed and pretty confusing.  I'm so excited to see them when they're done!

While going through a few of our 4th of July decorations, Dad found a small American flag.  Dad "gave" it to Eeyore and we decided to take a picture of him with it.  Jeremy brought a few of his plush down and we took a collective Disney friend Memorial Day picture with all of them.  (I really miss having a dog to dress up and take photos of... our poor future puppy will have no idea what to do with us.)

It was a pretty quiet Memorial Day.  We had an indoor barbecue since the weather was kind of gross, then Jeremy headed out.  Eliot and I stayed a while longer so we could visit with Nana and Papa for a little bit.  Around 6:00 we packed up the car and headed home! 

It was a great weekend!  °o°

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