Saturday, May 3, 2014

Keeping Busy

Hi Friends!  I wanted to say a quick hello!  I've been super busy.  What else is new?  Ha!

This past week we've been busy starting to prepare for Elissa's visit next month!  Eliot and I went to our local JoAnn Fabrics store and signed Elissa and I up for a Zentangles class!  I've been really interested in doodling lately and I've made a few drawings over the past few months.  I'm really excited to do this class with her and I can't wait to see the fun ideas we come up with!

Speaking of registrations, we finally got registered for the Color Run in South Portland! This is a long story... the race has actually been sold out for a few weeks now, but I'm a lucky ducky and I happened to refresh the Active website and it let me in this afternoon! Ironically, I'd gotten an email back from Color Run this morning about how it was sold out and they weren't sure if they were opening more spots.  I was going to pray that people backed out of it.  Anyways, Eliot, Elissa and myself are all registered and will now be joining our friends in the fun!  I picked out our team name: "Colors of the Wind."  Ha ha.  I love it; I'm so clever.  But, it's our team t-shirts I've designed that will be epic.  Stay tuned!

In not so happy news, Eliot's San Jose Sharks ended up on the wrong side of hockey history this past week.  They completely blew their 3-0 series lead against the LA Kings. In the NHL, teams do a best of seven games series during the playoffs.  Only 3 teams (well, now 4) have come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the last four games.  I'm still a bit disappointed, but at least I can still cheer for the Boston Bruins!  And Eeyore even has his Bruins jersey he can now wear.

As you've probably noticed, I still haven't been blogging as much.  I've been keeping myself really busy working on more hats.  I finally finished a creation for one customer that's taken me days to sort out.  But I'm finally happy with the patterns for the design and it came out great!  Introducing my Anna Ear Headband!  I absolutely love it!

I've still been gathering more supplies for other hat designs!  Eliot's going to be away visiting his family for 10 days starting next week, so I'm hoping to tackle some of those new projects while he's gone!

Finally, I'm also working on some blogging ideas and ways to make my blog better. There's a lot going on behind the scenes right now.  Just hang in there.  It will definitely be worth it in the end!   °o°


  1. those anna ears..ahhhh..soooooo cute!!!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm totally loving them too. I'll never ever know which ears to wear when I go to the parks now! I've given myself way too many options to choose from! Ha ha! ;-)