Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Spring 2022 Sewing Class Begins

There's nothing like jumping right back into your daily routine to get you back on schedule after vacation!  Earlier today, I went to my first spring sewing class!  Ok, so class actually started last week, but since Eliot and I were in California, I missed the first of my eight classes.  Thankfully, after going to bed early last night (around 10:00 pm) I was wide awake and ready to rock and roll this morning!

I'm excited for this session.  I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to be working on, but I'm hoping to finish some projects.  I've got the valences I cut out last spring that I never made.  I'd love to get those done so I can hang them up in our house.  Plus, I have the tote bags that I've been working on forever that I still have to finish... 

This morning, I finished the rest of the stripes on my placemat from last class.  After the stripes were finished, the next step was to cut the placemat down to size.  (You can see the weird stretch in the photo below.)  The backing stretches over time so you have to cut it back down.  After that, I cut my backing fabric to the same size and it was ready to sew together!  I ran out of time to finish that today, but it'll be done next week!

I really love how the stripes look, but it was a lot of work and it took me forever to sew them all onto the backing.  I was planning to make eight of them, but I don't think that's practical with how long it took to sew the stripes.  Instead, I think I might make 8 of them with wider strips of fabric; the stripes will be larger, but it will take me far less time to sew!  Then, I can still use this first one as a matching decorative mat!

Originally, I had wanted to make a gathered skirt and an apron during this session.  But I think the gathered skirt is still a bit above my sewing level.  Instead, I might try to make an elastic waisted skirt.  I really want a skirt like Mirabel's from Encanto and since I'm not sure if Disney will ever make a nice one for adults, I might just try to make my own.  I know how to hand embroider, and it would be a labor of love, but I'm sure it would be awesome when it was finished!

Anyways, no matter what I work on this spring, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!  I'll check in after my last class to let you know how this session goes!  Hopefully, I'll learn a lot and get a bunch of my "in progress" projects finished!  °o°

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