Friday, March 4, 2022

Fun Find: Disneyland Ambience Video

Eliot and I are spending today enjoying the surroundings at one of our favorite places... Disneyland!  We've definitely missed the magic, and we're going to miss it even more once we're back home in Maine.  I've already started looking for a way to keep the magic alive.  Luckily, I came across this video of music and ambiance of Disneyland!

You've probably caught on that I love these kinds of videos.  Eliot and I like to play music, sports games or videos in the background while we're working on orders, and this video would be perfect for that!  Not only is it a great ambiance video, but it's also 8 hours long!  You could listen to this all day while you're at work!

I hope you enjoyed this fun video!  I think it's perfect to run in the background to add a little bit of magic to your day!  In the meantime, Eliot and I will be soaking as much magic and ambiance of Disneyland as we can during our last full day in the park!  

Have a magical Friday and weekend friends!  °o°

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