Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Mardi Gras 2022

Happy Mardi Gras!!!  This is probably going to be the most spectacular Mardi Gras that I've ever experienced... because today Eliot and I are finally stepping foot into a Disney theme park again.  It's been 773 days since I last walked into a Disney park.  773 days away from the magic.  That empty void ends today.

Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, has always struck me as a day for no guilt indulgence- in food, fun, and for some people a little bit of mischief.  The day was first celebrated as the practice of using all of the fats in the home before Lent started.

Eliot and I never really celebrate Mardi Gras, but since we're at Disneyland today, I'm hoping to do something in honor of the day.  My two favorite Disney rides (Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean) are both located in New Orleans Square at the Disneyland Resort, so I know that I'll be spending a bit of time there today!

I'm hoping to soak in a bit of the New Orleans atmosphere.  I'm sure there will be jazz music playing and I'm planning to get Mickey shaped beignets.  We might even catch a glimpse of Tiana since in the past she's usually been out for the Mardi Gras festivities!

And, not gonna lie... I'm going to indulge a bit myself.  (It's been 773 days!)  I definitely see some Dole Whip, cake pops, candy apples, Mickey Ice Cream bars, and more of my favorite Disney treats in my future.  I mean, did you see my Bucket List?  I'm going to enjoy my time at Disneyland and treasure every minute of the magic.

However you're spending your day, take a little bit of time to indulge in something that you enjoy.  Happy Mardi Gras!!!  I hope you have a magical day too!!!  °o°

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