Saturday, March 19, 2022

Winter 2022 Bucket List Results

Spring has been sneaking up on us the past few weeks.  While Maine is still 100% capable of having snow for another month or so, things are definitely leaning towards spring arriving.  It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the official First Day of Spring... and because of that, I think it's time that we check in on my Winter Bucket List.

I'm not going to sugar coat it; I didn't get most of this list done.  Ironically, the most "quiet" time of the year for us has been crazy busy this year.  I can't say that I was bored like I usually feel at this time of year.  Both of our businesses have been crazy busy.  I've also worked here and there helping out at the chiropractic office.  Plus, we spent 10 days in California.  So needless to say... the time I thought I'd have wasn't quite there.  But, I still feel like we were able to enjoy as much of winter as possible!  

Without further ado, let's dive in!

1.) Drink a Special Winter Hot Cocoa

I had visions of peppermint hot cocoa with a candy cane and sprinkles dancing in my head... or rich mocha with heart sprinkles.  (Maybe I'll get to make them next year!)  I did at least use my heart sprinkles on some ice cream though!  (See photo above.)

2.) Read a Winter Book

I really need to make time to read... I love books.

3.) Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I've been wanting to do this for a while.  I love chocolate covered strawberries... 

4.) Bake Something

Our oven is still out of commission.  I miss baking and I'm dying to make something!

5.) Have a Game Night with Eliot

We didn't have a game night this winter.  Too many Hallmark movies I guess!

6.) Make a Winter Craft

I just squeaked by with this one and my Mickey Mouse Winter Yarn Wreath that I made right before our trip to California.  But I did it and I think it's really cute!

7.) Go Ice Skating

I love ice skating and I'd love to go again... whether it's inside or outside!

8.) Make a Heart Shaped Pizza (February 9th National Pizza Day)

Again, no oven equals no baking.  Blah... 

9.) Build a Snowman

I miss making snowmen!  I haven't done this in forever.  I need to next year!

10.) Make Waffles

Eliot and I did have waffles a few weekends ago.  I absolutely love waffles!

11.) Celebrate Happily Ever Hatter's 8th Birthday

We celebrated Happily Ever Hatter's 8th Birthday back in January!

12.) Watch the Super Bowl

Eliot and I watched the LA Rams win the Super Bowl.  And like many others, the songs from the Halftime Show were stuck in my head for days.

13.) Send Valentine's Day Cards

I'm a bit bummed out about this.  I had big plans... but there's always next year!

14.) Go Sledding

Eliot and I found a new local place to go sledding, but we weren't able to get over there due to the weather or our workload of orders.  It just didn't work out.

15.) Make a Valentine's Day Craft

I didn't have time to do this and I was honestly uninspired.  But that's ok!

16.) Read a Romance Novel

We love our Hallmark movies so much that I was hoping to read a book like one.

17.) Do A Puzzle

Eliot and I hope to do a puzzle sometime too.  Eliot loves putting puzzles together!

18.) Dress Up for National Polka Dot Day

I was able to dress up for National Polka Dot Day in true Minnie Style!

19.) Paint on my Easel

I haven't painted on a canvas in forever... I need to make time for this too.

20.) Make a Seasonal Wreath

Again, I was able to complete this with my Mickey Mouse Winter Yarn Wreath

While we didn't get many things done on this list, I still feel like Eliot and I enjoyed our winter.  We didn't do any "winter activities", but I'm ok with that for this year.  We have been crazy busy and I'm still trying to find balance in our lives.  Plus, this gives us a starting point for next year's bucket list!  In the meantime, I'm ready for spring!!!  °o°

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