Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Spring 2021 Sewing Recap

As of this morning, we had our last sewing class of the spring session.  These eight classes (9 weeks including spring vacation week) have flown by so fast.  I'm always left amazed at how quickly it's over.  Thankfully, I had a productive spring session.  I learned a lot and I started a project I've been hoping to make for a while now!

I spent the first 6 classes cutting out, working on and stuffing my plush dolphin.  As I mentioned at the start of class, it was a beginner level pattern.  It ended up being really easy, but there was definitely a learning curve.  The pattern was so easy for me to follow though!  I'm definitely going to try to make more plush from the same designer.

I was so happy when I finished my dolphin a few weeks ago!  He still has a bit of a weird section on his tummy but considering that he's the first plush I have ever made, I think he came out pretty good!  All along I've been joking with my instructor and all of the girls in class that my only goal was to have him look like a dolphin.  He looks like a dolphin so I met my goal!  But seriously, I'm so proud of him and he's adorable!  He is going to look cute displayed on one of my shelves in my office!  And he matches it!

I had thought about making some pillowcases in class, but I couldn't find a fabric that made sense.  I really want to make some decorative pillow cases for our master bedroom, but I haven't found fabric that spoke to me.  However, a few days ago, one of my custom fabric groups online released the perfect fabric in their pre-orders!  I won't have it for a few months, but it will give me something to make in class this fall!

Instead, during my 7th class, I decided to cut the valances for our living room, dining room and kitchen.  I'd found a video on YouTube of how to make some simple curtains so I used that for inspiration.  The calculations were honestly the hardest part.  I used the full width of the fabric (60") to start.  Then, I cut the first valance to 22" before I realized that I wasn't going to have enough fabric.  I cut that down to 19" and from there I cut out all five pieces of fabric that will become the valances.  Our windows are only 42" to the trim so I should have plenty of fabric to create gathered valances!

Today, for our final class I decided to continue working on my tote bags.  They're all so close to being completed!  I was able to cross a few more steps off today.  I probably could have finished one of the totes, but instead I opted to make progress on all four bags.  I'm hoping to finish them later this spring or summer at home.

Speaking of which, after every class, I swear that I'm going to sew between classes and then I never do it.  Our dining room table is perpetually being used to create mouse ears and desk accessories for our businesses.  No matter how much I want to sew, it never seems to happen.  However, my Nana insists that I take her sewing table (and her machine at some point) so I'm thinking that might be the solution.  I've decided to try to get the table from my parents house sooner than later so I can set it up in my office.  I'm more apt to sit down and sew if everything is set up already. 

Hopefully I can get my sewing machine all set up so I can finish my valences over the summer!  I'd like to make another version of them that I can switch to during the winter months.  Plus, I have a few other projects up my sleeve that I'd like to try out!

I'm already looking forward to going back to class in the fall.  I haven't quite decided what I want to do for the fall session, but I'm thinking about trying to make a skirt.  I found an easy tutorial for a gathered wrap skirt from the same custom fabric group that I want to order the pillowcase material from.  Maybe I'll learn to make a skirt and try another plush?  Or I might attempt another pattern I found of a stretchy skirt or a spirit jersey.  One thing I know for sure... I've got a few months to figure it out!  °o°

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