Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Spring 2021 Sewing Class Begins

Earlier today, I left our house and braved the 20 below windchill so I could attend my first spring 2021 sewing class!  I'm so excited to have a reason to leave the house and see people.  I actually haven't left our house in over a month.  I just haven't had any reason to- so I haven't.  (The last time I went past the end of our private road was when Eliot and I had our dental cleanings at the end of January.)  Eliot's the only person I've physically seen the entire month of February.  Though I love him dearly, I'm excited to get out and socialize with other people- even if it's masked and 6' apart!

Last spring, our sewing class got cancelled due to the pandemic.  We were able to pull off our fall sewing class and I've been looking forward to this session for weeks.  I was kind of all over the place with my fall projects, so I'm trying to refocus this session.  

For this class, my sewing instructor Lori is teaching me how to make plush.  I bought downloadable patterns online for a dolphin and a shark since they were beginner level projects.  They're supposed to be pretty easy, but since I'm learning how to make plush for the first time, I'm still expecting them to take a few weeks.  This morning, I cut out both patterns so next class I can cut the material used to create them.

If I have time after making the plushes, I'd like to make the valences I have planned for our living room, dining room and kitchen.  I finally ordered the fabric (shown above) this afternoon.  It's coming from overseas, but hopefully it'll be here in the next month or so!

Then, I still haven't finished the tote bags that I've been working on forever.  My first one, the Beauty and the Beast tote bag, is still the only one that I've finished.  I was planning to finish those during the afternoon session last fall, but we didn't have enough people to run the afternoon class.  That was also my plan this session, but once again, we don't have enough people signed up.  I might work on these after I finish the plushes, but I could probably figure out how to finish them at home.

Regardless of what I get accomplished, I'm excited to get out of the house and to learn more skills!  Here's to a fun session of learning and bringing new projects to life!  °o°

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