Saturday, March 20, 2021

An Update on Squirrel-Gate

Hi friends!  I don't have much time to stop by, but I wanted to give you a quick update on Squirrel-Gate.  It's been a long week... and it feels like Tuesday was forever ago now.  Eliot took the rest of the week off from work and we've put all of our business stuff on hold while we deal with the squirrel and the house.

The good news it that we haven't seen anymore of the squirrel, but the bad news is that we haven't seen anymore of the squirrel.  That's pretty much been our motto all week.  The last time we definitely knew he was in my office, was around 6:30 pm Tuesday night.  Like I said on St. Patrick's Daythe squirrel left quite a bit of "sawdust" from clawing my door and he might have escaped my office that way.

Since I last checked in, a lot has happened.  We had a pest control place come over shortly after my post Wednesday while I was at Walmart getting containers.  He didn't think the squirrel was still in the house, so that was good.  Still, Eliot and I made an appointment to have him come back on Monday to seal any potential entry points along our house.  There aren't any clear openings, but apparently critters are crafty and can still find ways into the house between our siding.  We're just relieved that after Monday, that shouldn't be a possibility anymore.

On Thursday, Eliot, my parents and I all decided that we were going to rent another storage unit as a temporary solution.  We went over to the same place we have our other unit, and thankfully we were able to rent another one down the same hallway as our first one.  We're using the new one to store all of the stuff from my office while we take everything out to clean and put it back together.

Since then, we've taken a few trips over to the storage unit to drop stuff off.  Eliot's got a really good control on cleaning my office up.  He's gone through everything to check for the squirrel before we put things in containers to bring over.  He's packaged up about half the stuff in my office.  This weekend, we're going to try to finish packing everything else up.  Then, we'll work on cleaning and disinfecting everything left in it.

The other advantage of getting a second unit for a few months is that Eliot and I can move stuff from our first unit down the storage unit "hallway" to organize in the new unit.  Our first storage unit is completely full but we didn't put things in there as neatly as we should have.  Now, we'll be able to organize all of that too.

Overall, this whole Squirrel-Gate fiasco has been a giant pain in the butt.  However, it's also been a small blessing.  My office was one of the last rooms I'd worried about finishing in our house.  Now Eliot and I have been forced to clean it out, and by doing so, it will be finished sooner than it would have been.

The disadvantage to this has been that this week has felt like we've been sucked into a timewarp.  Both Eliot and I have had a hard time sleeping, but I think that's just stress coupled with the time change last Sunday.  I'm hoping we can get back into a rhythm next week because this week has been filled with little sleep and lots of short naps.

Unfortunately, my to do list for this week has completely gone out the window.  I had two or three planned blog posts that I wasn't able to finish.  Eliot and I are also hoping to get caught back up with all of our business stuff that had to be put on hold.  We've still been printing things but nothing has been assembled or finished.  Hopefully, we'll have a productive weekend and next week we'll be able to get back into the flow!  °o°

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