Monday, March 8, 2021

Magical Merchandise: Pair Eyewear

Today, I'm sharing a fun find that will have you looking fashionably spec-tacular.  Back in mid-January, Eliot and I were watching television and relaxing one night when he suddenly asked me if I'd heard of Pair Eyewear.  He was scrolling through Instagram when he happened across their advertisement.  All I had to hear was interchangeable and options and the next thing I know... I'm completely sucked into their website.

I know you're all wondering, what is Pair Eyewear?  Pair is an eyewear company that sells directly to the consumer.  By cutting out the middleman, consumers get a lower, more affordable price on the products.  What makes Pair unique is that their glasses are designed so you can use interchangeable toppers that fit over the frames.  This means that you can customize your glasses with tops that switch out easily.  The tops are connected to the base frames by small magnets- meaning you can change toppers in a flash.  The glasses were designed primarily for kids, but they also have two frames that fit most adults.  (According to multiple responses on social media posts, they're working on making more frames for adults.)  

Basically, it's a way to change the color or pattern on your glasses, without buying an entirely new pair of glasses in order to achieve it.  This design concept was pitched on Shark Tank about a year ago and it impressed all of the sharks.  Pair Eyewear has also been featured on Today, Good Morning America, Family Circle, CNBC, and Forbes.

For someone like me, this is a complete game changer.  Honestly, half the reason that I avoided going to the eye doctor for so long was because I absolutely hate picking out new glasses.  I never know what frame style I look good in, and I feel completely helpless if I don't have a trustworthy girlfriend there to help me pick them out.  (I love Eliot, but he's completely useless as I experienced the last time I picked out glasses.)

After checking out the website, there were two options for adults to pick from.  Simple, not a lot of choices... I like this.  I immediately knew which ones I wanted.  They were sleek and modern looking.  Not only that, but the Larkin style that I selected is almost the exact same design that I currently have.  I like the thick frames that I have now but I wanted something a little bit bigger so my eyes wouldn't be hidden behind my frames as much.  I double checked the dimensions on my current pair, and they were almost exactly the same.  These new ones are a bit bigger... so I went into it with confidence that they would be perfect.  It was a little nerve-racking to order them online- sight unseen and without trying them on, but I was pretty sure that I would love them!

I ordered my new Pair Eyewear glasses on January 18th and they arrived packed in a nice box on February 3rd.  I selected the black adult Larkin frames.  When they arrived, I tried them on right away and I was shocked at how much better I could see.  Things haven't been this in focus for me in over a year.  Plus, I loved the frames.  They were exactly the look that I was going for and I was so happy and relieved!  The Larkins fit my face well and are comfortable.  I'm still going to have my local eye wear store check them, but I don't even think they need to be adjusted at all.  

This week, I'm making the transition into wearing them full time.  My eye doctor said that my new prescription was "quite a bit" stronger than my previous ones.  He then recommended that I slowly adjust myself into wearing them.  Since I've been home so much, I really haven't been wearing them.  However, during hockey games I've been trying to wear them.  I'm having a hard time adjusting to watching the tv and then looking at my phone.  I can feel the strain on my eyes, but I'm hoping by the end of this week, I'll be in them full time.  Now that I'm leaving the house for sewing class, it gives me a good excuse to push myself more.  And I really want to wear them so I can start playing around with all of the fun toppers!

I love these glasses so much that I'm going to order another Larkin base frame in the clear.  Then, I'll have a back up pair if something happens to one of them.  I also need to order prescription sunglasses through Pair Eyewear.  The best part is that I can also use the top frames on those because I'm going to order the same Larkin frame base!

My favorite part of the design of these glasses is that there are tons of options for the frame toppers.  The entire point of Pair Eyewear is to have tons of options.  I absolutely love this.  I've always loved being able to dress up for holidays and seasons.  Eliot and I have a ton of different face masks now for the same reason.  But with glasses, the only way I've had options in the past was if I bought different pairs of glasses and frames, and it's way too expensive to have a pair of glasses for each color... until now. 

There are so many options!!!  They have solid colors, fun prints and of course holiday designs.  Pair also has a Harry Potter, Marvel and an NBA collection.  A few days after I got my glasses in the mail, they released a new Sesame Street collection.  

When I ordered my prescription glasses, I also ordered a bunch of toppers to go with them- 13 designed toppers plus a pink sunglass topper.  Then, the day after I ordered my glasses, they released 25 new solid colors.  I thought to myself "Oh my gosh... this is a dream come true!"  I can now have an entire rainbow to choose from so clearly I'm planning to slowly collect most of the colors.  My wallet is afraid, but my heart is happy.

My wallet has good reason to be fearful as I've already placed a bunch of orders.  As soon as one arrives it seems like I always have another two on order.  I don't have any self-control and I placed two more orders for frame tops within the week of my first order.  Since then, they've released new designs twice a month and I've bought a few more from most of those collections.  I have a bunch of different solid colors and fun patterns.  I also have designs for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter.  Plus, I have an American Flag topper for our patriotic holidays.  (Although, I'm sure they will release more of those soon.)  I also grabbed Buffalo Plaid and Christmas Plaid toppers from last year's holiday collection since they were still in stock!

I absolutely love how they have licensed toppers.  In my initial order, I bought the Gryffindor topper set from the Harry Potter collection.  I also bought a Boston Celtics topper thinking that I could use them for St. Patrick's Day as well as Celtics game days.  (This was before Pair released the St. Patrick's day collection the same day my glasses arrived.  I had barely taken my new glasses out of the box to quickly try them on before I placed an order for four more frame tops from that collection.)  I also have a few of the licensed Sesame Street tops on order but they haven't shipped yet.

It's safe to say that I'm 100% obsessed.  This is going to be so much fun to make outfit combos!  Plus, this will be a fun way to add a little pizazz to my quarantine days.  I'm not really leaving the house or getting dressed up, so this will be a fun way for me to change things up.  Yoga pants, pajamas, and sweatpants have never looked so good!

I can't wait to see what other top frames they come out with!  It seems like they'll be releasing new collections of solid colors, patterns and holiday designs regularly.

I really hope Pair Eyewear will partner with Disney so we can get Mickey & Friends, Princess, and Star Wars designs.  (I'm optimistic since they already have the license for Marvel and Harry Potter.)  I also hope they come out with designs for the NHL and NFL.  I would love to have Disney, San Jose Sharks and New England Patriots frames for my glasses!!!  I can't help but imagine all of the amazing possibilities... 

Even now, I'm having a ton of fun picturing all of the options and possibilities that I'll have.  I can't wait to be able to match my glasses to the season.  This will add another fun layer to my outfits for the holidays.  Plus, this will make Disneybounding next level.

If you're looking for a new pair of glasses for you or your kids, Pair Eyewear is a great choice!  They have frame top options for everyone and they release new designs twice a month.  I can't wait to see what other frame toppers they come out with!  One thing is perfectly clear, you'll look like a vision in these spectacular glasses.  (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)  I can't wait to see all of the fun outfits I can match my glasses with!  °o°

Please Note: All of these opinions are my own.  I was not paid to sponsor this post, nor did I get any free merchandise from Pair Eyewear.  However, the links I've included to their website are my special link they sent me in order to earn reward points.  If you decide to purchase some, I'd be so grateful it if you'd enter their website through my link!  I'm planning to use my rewards points to get new frame tops for upcoming holidays and more solid colors for Disneybounding!

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