Friday, April 30, 2021

Disneyland is Open!

After 412 days, the magic has finally returned to Disneyland!

As of the moment this post went live, both Disneyland Resort theme parks have finally reopened to guests after an extended closure due to the coronavirus.  When the closure started back on March 14th of 2020, it seemed unfathomable that this would last as long as it did.  Before this, Disneyland and Walt Disney World had both only been closed for a handful of days... always due to extenuating circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or potential terrorist threats.  Never in a million years did I ever think the Disney parks would be closed for an extended period of time.

Although Eliot and I weren't planning on going to Disneyland at all during the closures, it's still hurt knowing that other people weren't enjoying the magic.  I enjoy seeing my friends post their park photos and I've missed seeing Disneyland in my feed.

Eliot's Mom lives about an hour from Disneyland and she was an annual pass holder before they halted the pass holder program.  She used to go to the parks pretty often after work since her office was only about 20 minutes away.  After one of those trips, we'd sometimes get a package in the mail of Disneyland merchandise... or she'd send us treats from the confectionary.  What I wouldn't give for a Disney candy apple... 

Obviously, the magic is a bit different right now.  Like Walt Disney World, Disneyland isn't having character meet and greets, parades, shows or fireworks.  It doesn't seem like the full magical experience to me, but something is far better than nothing.

I'm so excited for all of the cast members who have been able to return to work after the extended closure.  I'm sure they're happy to finally be back.  They are the ones who truly make the magic come to life!  I'm so relieved there's a vaccine available at this point.  I hope all of the cast members and guests have a fun and safe reopening!

Welcome back Disneyland!  I can't wait to see pictures of your magical glory!!!  °o°

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