Thursday, February 24, 2022

On Our Way to San Jose

Do you know the way to San Jose?  We're on our way to San Jose!!!  This afternoon, Eliot and I will be on our way to California in our first trip there since December 2019!

You might be wondering why we left today.  Tuesday afternoon, we decided to leave a day earlier due to a snowstorm coming through New England tomorrow.  Our original flight was supposed to leave Boston at 6:00 pm on Friday.  But we only had an hour layover in Chicago, so if there was any small delay in our flight leaving on time, we were most likely going to miss our second flight.  If we got stuck in Boston or Chicago due to the weather, we'd most likely miss the Disney Princess concert.  After a bit of deliberating, we decided it made more sense to get out of here early.

Eliot and I left our house a few minutes ago.  (This was posted automatically.)  After a quick trip to the post office to drop off the rest of our orders, we'll drive to the Portland bus terminal.  We're taking a bus down to Boston so we don't have to pay for parking at Logan.  We leave at 10:30 and should be arriving at the airport around 12:45.

Our flight leaves Boston at 2:55 and we land in the Minneapolis St. Paul airport just after 5:15 (Central Time).  We have a layover for about an hour and a half before we hop onto our 6:59 flight to California.  Then, we arrive in San Jose at 9:20 pm (Pacific Time).  We're hoping the time change won't affect us too much since Eliot and I are usually up until 2:00 or 3:00 am watching the Sharks' hockey games- or more recently the Winter Olympics.  Both of us are basically set to Pacific Time right now anyways!

And that's our updated plan for today!  I'm really glad that we decided to get out of New England today instead of tomorrow.  I was so worried that we were going to get stuck like we did on our trip back from Pittsburg.  They really have no idea what this storm is going to do.  (I've heard that we're supposed to get anything from 6" to 12".)  By this time tomorrow, we'll be relaxing in the sunshine instead of trying to avoid the storm!

As you already know, Eliot and I are going to be very busy on our trip, but I have a few posts already written and scheduled ahead of time!  (I've been very busy working on them these past two weeks!)  There are more than I originally planned to write, so it probably won't even feel like I've gone anywhere!

If you follow me on social media, keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook accounts!  I'll try to upload photos while we're at Disneyland!!!  Have a wonderful week friends!  I'll check in again when we're home in Maine!  Mickey, here I come!!!  °o°

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