Friday, February 18, 2022

Fun Find: Disney+ Has All the GOATs Commercial

Everyone has their favorite part of the Super Bowl Sunday experience.  For some, it's all football all the time.  Others are just there for the snacks.  Some people just want to see the commercials, the Half Time Show or the Puppy Bowl.  And although it might be hard to believe, there are also some people that don't care about any of it!

For me, Super Bowl Sunday is about a few things.  First and foremost, I think of Super Bowl Sunday as a day of anxious nerves if the Patriots are playing.  It's been a joy to watch them make it to the big dance so much the past two decades.  But when they aren't in the big game, I can sit back and enjoy the experience more.  I love to watch the game, the commercials, the Half Time Show and I'm also a big fan of the snacks!

This year, Eliot and I watched Super Bowl LVI and the commercials.  Most of the commercials weren't that exciting to me... Eliot even fell asleep for most of the first quarter.  Ironically, two of my favorite commercials were played back to back during one of the breaks.  (Thankfully, Eliot was awake for those because he liked them too!

The Barbie Dream House commercial for Rocket Mortgage was clever.  I played with Barbie dolls growing up and I got a kick out of that.  Then, they played this one.  By now you've probably seen it, but in the off chance that you haven't, you need to!

I had to rewind this one since I totally missed the beginning of it.  (I was still giggling from the Rocket Mortgage commercial.)  I loved this funny Disney+ commercial.  I love how they dressed all of the goats up in character costumes for the "GOATs" (Greatest Of All Time) of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney and more.

The goats are all so cute!!!  I think my favorite was the Mirabel goat.  You already know that I'm obsessed with Encanto.  I thought it was smart of them to include that one in the commercial since everyone is still talking about the movie (and Bruno).  I also really liked the Captain Jack Sparrow goat (at the beginning), the Olaf goat and the Up house goat floating in the background!  Which Disney goat is your favorite?  °o°

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