Saturday, February 5, 2022

Music To My Ears

Eliot's and my trip to California is creeping up on us and it will be here before we know it!  (Three weeks from today will be our first day in California!!!)  I'm still freaking out a little bit about how much stuff we have to get done between now and when we leave, but whenever I remember how much fun we're going to have, that calms me down.

Today, I thought that I'd tell you more about the final weekend of our California trip.  It's the final piece of the equation.  I've already shared that we're going to a few Sharks games, spending four days Disneyland, and going to the Disney Princess Concert.  But what I haven't told you are what else we're doing our last two days.

Ahh!!!  I can hardly contain my excitement... one month from today, Eliot and I will be going to see Hamilton in LA!!!  Then, the following day, we're going to see Wicked!  

I've never seen either show live on stage so both of these shows are going to be a real treat!  As you know, I've seen the Disney+ video of Hamilton a few times and I was completely floored.  I can't wait to experience the show live!  I'm so excited!  Plus, I've never actually seen Wicked even though I know some of the songs from it.  I'm excited to see this too and I've heard many wonderful things about it!

Eliot's Mom Nori told us about Wicked a few weeks ago and the plan was always to see that.  Then, when we were sitting down to finalize the details of our trip, Eliot happened to see that Hamilton was playing that weekend too.  I would prefer to see Hamilton, while Wicked is Eliot's favorite musical- so we compromised to do both.

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Our plans for Saturday are to go to Downtown Disney and the Anaheim GardenWalk on Saturday during the morning and early afternoon.  We're hoping to check out a few of our favorite Disney stores like WonderGround, the Dress Shop, and World of Disney. There are also a few places we want to check out at the GardenWalk since it's right near our hotel for this trip and the D23 Expo.

Later in the day, we'll drive up to LA and Hollywood Boulevard to the theater where Hamilton is playing.  Eliot and I are hoping to get these a little early so we have time to check out the Funko store which is right near there, as well as the Disney Studio Store right next to the El Capitan Theater!  Eliot and I went to the Disney Studio Store a few years ago to check it out and get some ice cream.  We'd both love to go back again!

On Sunday, we're going to be driving up to the theater where Wicked is playing from the San Diego area and Nori's condo.  We're seeing the matinee performance at 1 pm so Eliot and I will have time to ride with his family back down to catch our 11:30 pm red-eye flight from San Diego to Boston.

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I'm sure that it's going to be a whirlwind weekend, but I am so excited to be getting back to the theater.  Eliot and I both love going to see shows and we're definitely looking forward to seeing some of our favorite Broadway shows on this trip!  Plus, all of the venues that we're going to require proof of vaccination (as well as face masks I believe) so we feel pretty confident and safe that we're making educated decisions. 

So, there you have it.  During our California trip, Eliot and I will be going to two San Jose Sharks hockey games, the Disney Princess Concert, Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, Hollywood Boulevard, Hamilton and Wicked.  

It's going to be tons of fun and crazy busy, but it's also music to my ears!!!  °o°

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