Saturday, February 19, 2022

Only 10 More Days!!!

Eliot and I have got 10 more days until we're back at Disneyland and less than a week until we leave for California!  I've been deep in preparation mode this past week since this is the first big trip we've taken in over two years.  It feels like forever since I had to remember to pack this much; I'm terrified that I'm going to forget something important!

Usually, Eliot and I are packing last minute, hours before we leave for our flight.  But I knew that wouldn't fly this time.  There's so much more to remember.  With our trip including so many different events (two hockey games, a concert, two musicals, and Disneyland) I have a ton of different outfits and things that we'll need to pack. 

This is also our first trip to a Disney park in the pandemic times.  I've already washed all of the face masks we own so they're clean and ready to go!  

I've started making a packing list.  I've been digging through my clothes to make sure I have plenty of shorts and skirts since California has been in the 70°s and 80°s the past few days.  I also need leggings to keep warm at the hockey games and after the sun sets.  I'm also trying to find nicer outfits to wear to the concert and musicals.

I considered bringing a few special outfits to take photos with in the parks.  I really wanted to bring some of my Disney Dress Shop dresses, but at this point, I might not have enough room in my bag for them.  Between going to concerts then hockey games, and going shopping and then to musicals, I probably have enough wardrobe changes in my future without adding a few extra outfits to them.

Plus, I want to have some room in my bags for our return trip!  We haven't been to Disneyland since May of 2019 and I'm sure we'll find a few souvenirs that we want to bring home with us!  I also have to keep some room open for the candy apples and treats that I'll inevitably be bringing home to Maine.

I've got a few new things for this trip too.  After many years, my L.L. Bean toiletry bag finally bit the dust.  My aunt and uncle got it for me back when I was in high school... so I've definitely gotten more than my fair share of use out of it.  It's been to France, Italy, Greece, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, the Bahamas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Reno, Virginia Beach, and many more places.  After our last trip to Walt Disney World in January of 2020, I realized it was time to retire it.  I used ziplock baggies for our trip to West Virginia and Pittsburg, but I finally ordered a new one on Amazon for this trip!

Eliot and I were trying to bring some new mouse ear designs with us on this trip, but I don't think we're going to have what I had hoped for.  It is what it is.  It's more important that we get customer orders printed, assembled and mailed out before we leave.  Eliot is also working most of this weekend so he doesn't have to use as many vacation days.  So that takes away from time we'd have to print and assemble samples.

I've also been working on a Disneyland Bucket List.  I haven't done a bucket list for a Disney trip in a while, but this is mostly for myself.  We haven't been to the parks in so long that I want to make sure I hit all of my favorite attractions and get all of my favorite treats.  I really want to take time to enjoy this trip and soak up as much magic as I can.  It's been so long that I really want to treasure this time there. 

With only five full days left before we fly out to California, Eliot and I have got a lot of stuff to finish and to pack!  We're in pretty good shape with everything, but I still see lots of mouse ears, desk accessories, laundry and packing in our future!  But it will be totally worth it once I walk through the front gates of Disneyland in 10 days!  °o°

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