Thursday, February 17, 2022

#tbt 2011 Winter Decor

Well, I thought that my Throwback Thursday decor posts were long over, but I was looking through my photos and I came across more photos of decorations from Eliot's and my Woburn apartment!  If you missed out on my previous posts, you can find Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas at those corresponding links. 

Today, we're taking a trip back to the winter of 2011.  That year, I didn't decorate for Valentine's Day, but I did decorate for the winter season.  The transition from the holiday season to Valentine's Day is a long one.  Thus, my family loves to decorate after Christmas is over with winter decor that can be used throughout January!

Like our other tours, we're starting in the living room.  Unfortunately, I don't seem to have an overall photo of the living room, but I've got some cute photos of the details!

Here's a view of Eliot's side table.  He had a cute bear and a small Eeyore plush.

Here's my side table with a jar and another little teddy bear with a snowman sweater.

Our storage unit had a bunch of plush toys and some ceramics that Nana gave me.

I love the cute Mickey and Minnie.  Nana made the snowmen set in her ceramics class!

Our DVD storage had some of my beanie babies.  Pooh is such a cute snowman!

I think Nana also made this candleholder in her ceramics class.

Our television stand had some small round Mickey and Tigger plushes.

I cherish these Winnie the Pooh door greeters.  They have Santa hats on, but they're all holding snowballs so I wanted to use them for winter.  They're so cute!!!

Here's a photo of our living room window and our porch.

Here's a close up of some of the window gel clings.  It definitely snowed this year!

Next, we're going over to the kitchen on our apartment tour.  I decorated our kitchen cupboards with towels and a pot holder.  You can also see Remy hanging out here!

Our oven got the rest of the towels on the front of it!

This photo is really dark, but this is our kitchen sink window.

Here's a close up of our winter window sill friends.  This is our first Jim Shore piece that Eliot got me with his Disney Movie Club rewards points!  We both really love it!

Here's a close up of some of the window clings in the kitchen.  I love the snowman!

Here's my little snowman ice cube light all lit up at night.

Next, we're swing by our dining room.  Here's the front window view.

Here's a close up picture of our dining room table.  I loved all of the cute snowman stuff that we had on it.  I think my Mom found the candleholder and placemats at Kohl's!

Here's a better view of the front window and the decorations in it.

Here's a view of our other dining room window.  I loved looking out over this little section of woods and the stream.  It was so quiet and peaceful.

Here's a close up of the window and the cute snowman window decorations.  The snowmen look like they're dancing in the woods around the stream.

You can barely see these clings, but I have a glittery "snow" and matching snowflakes.

Finally, we're ending our tour back out at our entryway.  I put these cute little Disney snowball plushes on the bookcase.  These are so adorable!!!

There you have it!  I love our winter decorations and I honestly forgot that I had most of this stuff.  It always makes me so happy to see fun snowflake and snowman decor!  I hope you enjoyed this trip down a snow-filled memory lane with me!  °o°

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