Thursday, October 21, 2021

#tbt 2010 Halloween Decorations

Eliot and I have been so busy lately.  We've barely had time to clean our house, much less decorate for any of the holidays.  I miss our decorations and having the time and energy to put everything up.  The other day, I was going through some of my Facebook albums looking at some of my past displays from years ago.  That got me thinking... 

Today, I thought I'd to do a quick Throwback Thursday showing you some photos from when I decorated Eliot's and my apartment in MA.  2010 was the last time I went all out decorating for all of the holidays.  (I'll be sure to post photos of our 2010 Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas decorations too!)  Keep in mind that these photos are from my cell phone back in 2010 so the images aren't the greatest quality!

But before I dive in, here's a little bit of backstory since I don't think I've talked about that apartment much on here.  We had a third floor apartment in Woburn (about 20 minutes north of Boston) during Eliot's last few years of college.  It was a two bedroom, two bath apartment with an upstairs loft.  The second bedroom was Eliot's office and it had a bunk bed for guests.  Then, the loft was my office.  The rent wasn't cheap, but it was really nice and we enjoyed living there.  Plus, it was our first home together!  

Before I spent my days off planning our wedding, I had plenty of time to decorate.  I loved spending my days cranking up some tunes and decorating the apartment!  Let's start our apartment tour in the living room- it wasn't huge but it had a two story ceiling! 

I loved decorating the couch and the chair and a half with fleece blankets and plush.

I also added my small Ty beanie baby plushes to our DVD storage!

I put a small ghost on the little Eiffel Tower votive candle holder.

Eliot's side table had an Eeyore and Stitch plush.

My side table had a small Pooh plush and a few other things.

I also put plush and other small things on our storage shelves.  (Side Note: It's ironic how much alcohol Eliot and I had when neither one of us are huge drinkers.)

I put my Tiggers and some other friends on the bookshelf in the entryway.

The wall of the living room had a plastic witch decoration that I taped and pinned to the wall.  I also put Mickey Mouse lights on the stair railing on the way to my loft office.

Up next is our galley kitchen... I had a lot of fun with this!

I used the decorations that I'd made myself to decorate the cupboards.

All of the kitchen cupboards had some sort of decoration on them.

I also put them around the microwave.

Even our dishwasher got in on all of the fun with a bunch of pot holders on it!

There were a ton of towels on the oven.

I also decorated the sink window with lights, plush and window clings!

I put a few decorations on the dining room table.

I put a garland over the door leading to our porch.

On the porch, we had my inflatable Tigger.  I think he was my first one!

Here's another view of our porch and the utility closet outside.

I also strung a ton of lights on the railing.  Our apartment faced the highway and you could definitely see it all lit up when you drove by!

I really love all of the little details.  I also love all of the Disney decorations that I've had forever!  They don't usually sell the felted decor anymore!

Halloween of 2010 was the first time I decorated the entire apartment and you can see I had quite a bit of fun with it!  It definitely made our apartment feel nice, spooky and cozy, especially at night when all of the lights were on!  

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our apartment!  °o°

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