Monday, October 11, 2021

Magical Merchandise: 2021 Holiday Decor from Lowes

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!  Every year, Eliot and I look forward to the Disney holiday merchandise from Lowes.  The past few years, they have had a great selection of Halloween and Christmas items.  Lowes first debuted their Disney Magic Holiday Christmas collection back in 2016 and we have both been 100% obsessed ever since.  Every year, we find something to add to our growing holiday collection.  

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They always put the Christmas display up around our wedding anniversary (September 20th) so each year, we've made it a tradition to start going into the stores to stalk the progress of the display and see what new items they have!

This year's Disney Magic Holiday Collection did not disappoint.  Eliot and I were both excited to see some of the most popular pieces return, as well as a few fun, new additions!  Today, I thought I'd show you what Lowes has for their 2021 collection!    

The most popular item from this year's collection are definitely the Mickey and Minnie Snow Mice Blow Molds.  In fact, these are already sold out at most of the stores.  Eliot and I made a special trip to Portland to buy two sets the night before I left for Virginia.  I was terrified that they'd be gone by the time we got home, and I was right.

Another new item that I love are the Disney Airdorables.  Eliot and I were obsessed with our little Vampire Mickey from the Halloween collection, so I was really excited to see what they would have for Christmas!  These tiny tabletop Mickey, Minnie and Olaf inflatables are so cute!  I want them for our cars, for our living room, for Eliot's office and for our Mickey and Minnie bathroom.  Cute!!!

Another new item this year are the Mickey and Minnie Lights.  I love how cute these are!  I'd love to put them in our living room somewhere. 

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If you love this design, but want something for your yard, these Mickey and Minnie Walkway Lights are perfect!  These aren't as practical for outside with all the snow we get here in Maine, but I'm tempted to get a set that we can put inside.

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I absolutely adore these Rainbow Mickey Santa Hat Lights.  They had these last year too, but I think I need to get some this year.  They'll look great in our dining room!  I might put them over the sliding door to our back deck!

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This Tinsel Pluto is too cute!  Last year, we got Mickey and Minnie from my parents for Christmas, so we might have to add Pluto to our collection this year!

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I'm also a huge fan of this Tinsel Olaf.  I love his festival little scarf!  He's so cute!!!

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I also like this year's Mickey and Minnie Blow Molds.  They're great inside and outside!

Of course, they have plenty of Disney Inflatables available too.  This year, Eliot and I found The Child, Olaf, Mickey and Minnie.

They also had this larger six foot tall Mickey Mouse Inflatable.

We also saw this Mickey and Minnie Car Inflatable at all of the Lowes we've gone to.

Finally, these are not officially part of the Disney Magic Holiday Collection, but Lowes also has these Disney banners this year.  Eliot and I bought the Mickey and Minnie one when we were at the Epping Lowes on our way home from Virginia.  It's really cute!

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And there you have it!  Isn't this year's collection wonderful?  Most of these items can be found online at Lowes or at your local store.  Things do sell out faster the closer we get to Halloween, so don't delay if there's something you have your heart set on!  

Eliot and I will be making our final selections soon too!  I think we need to get some of the Airdorables, tinsel friends and rainbow lights for our living room.  No matter what we get, these are all sure to put a little extra magic in our holiday season!  °o°

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