Monday, September 27, 2021

Magical Merchandise: Local Halloween Finds

Fall has barely started, yet Halloween season is already in full effect.  As you probably know, Disney starts Halloween celebrations at the Magic Kingdom early so Eliot and I always start thinking about it around the 4th of July.  (Perks of running small shops and being ahead on all of the seasons and holidays.)  Throughout August and September, Halloween merchandise starts to show up in retail stores.  Eliot and I have kept our eyes peeled over the past two months and we've found quite a few fun items!  Today, I thought that I'd share some of our Disney Halloween finds from our local stores.

Full confession, Eliot and I started our Halloween hunt early.  I had seen reports of items showing up at TJ Maxx in early August, so Eliot and I started stalking the stores as early as Sunday, August 15th.  In fact, we've taken a few quick Sunday shopping trips.  On Sunday August 22nd, Eliot and I took the afternoon off to go shopping up in Portland.  We haven't really had a chance to browse a lot of the stores since everything closes early due to COVID hours and being understaffed.  By going out on Sunday afternoons, we've been able to visit many stores!  Here's what we've found!

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx has been our top location to hunt for treasures.  We have one in Biddeford and there's also one in Portland.  We also stopped at the store in Ellsworth while we were visiting my parents, and another one in Manchester on our way through earlier today!  Here are some of the things that we've found there!

My favorite thing that we've found is this Halloween shower curtain.  Eliot and I have a Mickey and Minnie themed master bathroom, and we already have bath items for Christmas.  I was so excited when Eliot showed me this shower curtain!  Now, we can decorate our bathroom for Halloween.  If only I could find the matching hand towels... 

Eliot and I both fell for this Stitch mug and plush set.  He came home with us!

This year, they have Mickey and Minnie Halloween door greeters and little plush!

I love this little Minnie Witch coffee mug.  We found this one at the store in Augusta.

The thing that surprised me the most was this Mickey Wreath that we saw at the store in Manchester earlier today.  (I'd seen it online, but I thought it was handmade.)  It was cute, but Eliot and I decided that I could make something like it, so we didn't get it.

Homegoods (our local store is also connected to a Marshall's)

This has been the other store that I've gone to a few times.  TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods are all owned by the same company.  This year, they had Mickey pumpkin coffee mugs, votive candle holders and cookie jars that I've been searching for since we started looking mid-August.  Unfortunately, we haven't found any of those things at our stores.  But they have been so popular that the company who makes them started making coordinating Minnie Mouse designs.  (I'm really hoping that they will bring both Mickey and Minnie back again next year!)  However, during our searches, Eliot and I did find some other treasures.

I've found a lot of Halloween kitchen items at Homegoods.  There are plates, cups, bowls, and more.  Unfortunately, my photo of the large display didn't come out, but I can show you the cute Mickey bowls we bought!  Eliot and I also raided the display of socks and went home with a few packs of them.  Our feet are all set for Halloween!


I stumbled across this blanket when Eliot and I went into Kohl's looking for a sweatshirt for me.  It was the weekend that hurricane Henrie was coming through and it was pretty warm out, but I'd completely spaced about the rain.  It started pouring when we arrived in Portland and I was afraid I'd freeze in the air conditioning after I was wet.  It worked out though- I left Kohl's with a sweatshirt, this blanket and a Hedwig owl plush!


Eliot and I went into Joann so I could look at the fabrics.  I was sidetracked when I saw this display right near the entrance though.  They had spatulas, cookie cutters and candy molds for Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas, and more!

Spirit Halloween

Eliot and I have only been to the Spirit Halloween in Augusta, but they always have a bunch of Disney stuff.  It was pretty picked over both times we went, but they had displays for Hocus Pocus, Haunted Mansion and Nightmare Before Christmas.  They also have a wide variety of children and adult Disney Halloween costumes!


Walmart usually has a few things, but I haven't been there that much this year.  Eliot and Jeremy have been on the lookout for the Hocus Pocus porch greeters and the inflatable, but we've only found the Winnie porch greeter so far.

They also usually have a few Disney inflatables, but I keep missing most of them on the shelves.  (I think we keep going before they display them, or after they've already sold.)  Eliot and I did find this cute Mickey Mouse in Portland the night before our trip though.  He came home with us, but they hadn't stocked Minnie yet, so hopefully we can go up and grab her sometime this week! 


Finally, the place with the most Halloween merchandise that we've seen this year is definitely Lowes.  Eliot and I have been checking out the Halloween stuff for weeks now.  (Another confession: Christmas stuff is what we've been stalking there as of late!)  First, Eliot and I always check to see what inflatables they have for Halloween.

Eliot and I had to grab two Mickey Spider inflatables to join our Mickey Ghosts (from two years ago) and our Mickey Bats (from last year).

If you like the Nightmare Before Christmas, you're in luck!  They have a lot of stuff!

There were also Nightmare Before Christmas inflatables.

They also had some porch greeters.

They even made some small blow molds this year!

Finally, my favorite items from this year were the new little Airdorables inflatables!

And there you have it!  This is most of what Eliot and I have found at our local retail stores over the past 2 months.  Unfortunately, after going through my photos, I realized that I accidentally made a few of them really blurry so there was actually more than this!  (I'll have to start checking my photos when I take them!)  

I hope you enjoyed reading about our finds and that you'll discover some magical Halloween treasures of your own if you go out hunting for them!  °o°

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