Monday, September 6, 2021

Magical Merchandise: 2021 Halloween Collection (Part 2)

Shop Disney is slowly releasing their Halloween merchandise this year... and it's been a really slow drip.  Since my previous post on August 16th, they've only added a few Halloween items each Monday... and there hasn't been nearly as much stuff as the first drop.  I keep expecting to see a wave of merchandise, but I keep being disappointed.

Another wave of Halloween merchandise was released on August 23rd.  That released consisted of the Nightmare Before Christmas items.  I was actually sorely disappointed in the lack of overall Halloween merchandise... but here's a peek at what did show up.

Oogie Boogie Spirit Jersey- So many people were waiting for this!  It's spooktacular!

Oogie Boogie Loungefly Backpack- This was also a hugely awaited item!  I think they nailed it with this bag.  Not only does it match the Spirit Jersey, but it looks like it's actually textured with burlap just like he is!

On Monday August 30th, I was really surprised to see the second wave of 2021 Food and Wine Festival items released at 3 am, but there were very few Halloween items that showed up.  The only ones I recall seeing were these: 

Bubble Wand- This is really cute!  I love how it matches the rest of the merchandise.

Hocus Pocus Mug- This was so popular last year.  I'm actually shocked that it didn't sell out this year yet!  The little broomstick spoon makes it really pop!

MagicBand- I think this is really cute too!  I love how it has Mickey, the ghosts and the gourd castle that matches a lot of the other merchandise this year!

A few hours later, at 10 am, the Halloween Harveys bags were dropped.  They have been available in the parks for a few weeks now.  (Dana and Melanie actually did a signing at the release in Disneyland!)  I was excited to see them online, but I behaved!

Harveys Tote- I love this collection from Harveys.  It matches the rest of this year's merchandise.  The bright purple straps, keychain (pictured at the bottom of this post) and the Mickey Pumpkin zipper pull (at the top of this post) are all beautiful details!

Harveys Crossbody- This crossbody bag is the perfect size for running errands!

Harveys Mickey Pumpkin Crossbody- This little bag is so cute!  I was actually pretty surprised that he was the first Harveys Halloween design to sell out online!

Thankfully, I didn't bother staying up until 3:00 am on today.  Eliot and I were at my parents' house and I was totally exhausted.  Apparently, I didn't miss too much as the only things from the Halloween collection that they released were these:  

Jogger Pants- These are cute and subtle, but they still match everything else!

Kids Spirit Jerseys- Kids always get great Spirit Jersey designs.  I really love the ombre effect on the text.  These are really cute!

Unfortunately, I think this is most of the Halloween themed merchandise that will be appearing online, but I know there are a few things not online yet.  There's a new Haunted Mansion Loungefly bag and some more villains merchandise.  Although, I'm not planning to write anymore Shop Disney Halloween posts unless they completely blindside me with something incredible!  I've got other fun stuff to share with you!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled though because more items might be showing up on Shop Disney before Halloween arrives!  Stay spooky friends!  °o° 

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