Monday, August 30, 2021

Magical Merchandise: 2021 Food and Wine Festival (Part 2)

Happy Monday friends!!  As usual, I'm here for another look at some new magical merchandise.  Today, I thought I'd be writing about the rest of the Disney Parks Halloween collection, but I got a bit of a surprise at 3 am this morning when I found very few new Halloween items listed on Shop Disney.  Instead, there were many new Food and Wine items available!  (You can see the first half of the 2021 Food and Wine merchandise in my post here.)  So it's time to do a bit of a pivot!

I was actually really excited to see the two Food and Wine collections that I've been waiting for.  Both the "Be Our Guest" Beauty and the Beast Collection and the Mickey and Minnie Apple Orchard Collection were released online earlier today.  I've been anxiously awaiting their arrival and I'm actually a little surprised it's taken this long.  By now, if you're big on Disney merchandise, you've probably already seen all of this.  But if you don't follow a million Disney pages, groups, Instagram accounts and YouTubers, you're in for a sweet treat!  Let's take a peek at these two collections!

The "Be Our Guest" Beauty and the Beast Collection is adorable.  I really love the fun bright colors and how they mimic the colors of Mrs. Potts, Chip and the rest of the dishes with a pink, yellow and blue color scheme- but they used the bright aqua blue of Belle's town dress.  That shade of blue is so pretty!  (I also can't believe it took me this long to realize they made a kitchen item for each of the enchanted characters!)  Here are the items now available online for this collection!

Be Our Guest Apron- This apron is really cute!  I love the pop of color from the solid blue and how it has the pattern on the bottom part.  If you look closely at the pattern, you'll see Spaceship Earth and all of the World Showcase countries represented!

Be Our Guest Kitchen Towels- These also feature the overall pattern.  I love how they also added the graphic of Belle with the "try the gray stuff" quote!

Chip Measuring Cup- This is really cute and really creepy!  Chip is so cute but I'm not sure how I feel about him coming apart... but it's definitely a clever design!

Mrs. Potts Pot Holder- This is a cute design!  I like how she's the same style as Chip!

Cogsworth Kitchen Timer- This is perfection... Cogsworth as a kitchen timer.  Cute!!!

Lumiere Serving Dish- I also think this pieces is brilliant.  I can almost hear Lumiere singing to me.  If I had to choose one piece from this collection, this one is my favorite!

Belle Ramekin- This is small, but it's mighty!  (I think I'd actually use it as a bowl...)

Be Our Guest Serving Plate- I also really like this design.  I really love how it includes Spaceship Earth and all of the World Showcase countries across the bottom.

If all of that fun new merchandise wasn't cute enough... I've saved my favorite 2021 Food and Wine collection for last.  I absolutely adore the new Mickey and Minnie Apple Orchard Collection.  As soon as I saw this collection, I knew that I wanted it as part of our fall decor.  Eliot and I have tons of stuff for the holidays, but I wanted something fun and magical for the season of fall.  This collection checks all of the boxes!

Mickey and Minnie Apple Orchard Spirit Jersey- The first item that caught my eye from this collection was the Spirit Jersey.  When the Spirit Jersey was released a few weeks ago, I immediately bought it... and I love it.  It's so cute with the large Minnie graphic on the back.  I also love the cute detail of Mickey on the front.  This Spirit Jersey will be the perfect thing to wear on a crisp fall day while going apple picking!

Minnie "Sweet as Pie" Pie Plate- The was the other item that was a showstopper for me.  I loved the cherry pie plate Disney carried a few years ago, but I never bought it because I wasn't sure when I'd display it.  This is perfect for fall in Maine!!!

Apple Orchard Pot Holder- I couldn't pass this up either, the little graphic of Mickey and Minnie with the apples in the orchard is too cute!!!

Apple Orchard Kitchen Towels- I didn't get these kitchen towels (yet)... but they're super cute!  I like how they have the same Mickey and Minnie graphic on them.

Apple Orchard Mug- This will be perfect to display or to use for my hot apple cider!

Apple Orchard Jar Glass- This is also perfect to display or to use for apple juice!

Minnie Mouse Apple Ears- These mouse ears match the Spirit Jersey really well!

Apple Rolling Pin- I love the rolling pin and how it has Mickey, Minnie, Spaceship Earth, and apples carved into it!  It would make cute patterned cookies!  (I'm going to display mine so it doesn't get gross... maybe I'll get one to use if they go on sale!)

Mickey Orchard MagicBand- Mickey looks adorable picking apples in the orchard!

Mickey Apple Apron- Mickey is really cute on this apron too!  This entire Mickey and Minnie Apple Orchard Collection is certainly "Awesome to the Core" in my opinion!!!

And there you have it!  Aren't both of these collections fun?!?  The only 2021 Food and Wine Festival collection that hasn't made it's way online are the Remy products.  (I'm still assuming we'll see those closer to the opening of the ride on October 1st.)  What piece of Food and Wine Festival merchandise has caught your eye?  °o°

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