Friday, August 13, 2021

Fun Find: Unleash the Villains

It's Friday the 13th and I've decided to run with it.  I'm superstitious when it comes to sports, but black cats and Friday the 13th don't scare me.  However, when I saw this date coming up on the calendar, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a themed Fun Find Friday.  I've already got Halloween on the brain this week since the Magic Kingdom had their first Boo Bash After Hours event on Tuesday.  Naturally, it wasn't a far leap from Halloween, to Friday the 13th to the Disney Villains! 

Back in 2013, Disney was doing a lot of "Limited Time Magic" offerings where they had events or special days where you could see less popular characters.  One of those was a special villains themed event on Friday the 13th at Hollywood Studios.  It was called "Unleash the Villains".  During the event, they had a dance party, stage show, photo stations, special food and beverages and villain themed fireworks. 

I found a video on YouTube of the stage show.  During the show, they had the "normal" villains you see all the time, but they also included rare ones like Oogie Boogie and Shan-Yu from Mulan.  (This video isn't taken on a tripod and it's kind of shaky.) 

I also found a video of the fireworks show from that event.  I love how they used the villains music.  It's fun to figure out which movie it is based off of the soundtrack!

The first villains event on Friday the 13th was popular and went over well, because Disney held another event a year later in August of 2014 called "Villains Unleashed". This video of the show includes 50 villains that Hades "unleashed" for the event!


Finally, I also found a video of what appears to be the same Villany in the Sky fireworks as the 2013 Friday the 13th event.  However, this video of the 2014 event also shows the short stage show introduction to it with Hades and Maleficent.

Aren't these cool?  I wish Disney would do more of these events (after the pandemic) where they bring out the less popular characters.  The Disneyland After Hours events always sell out immediately so there's definitely a market for them!

I hope you enjoyed these spooky finds and that you have a good Friday the 13th!!!  °o°

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