Friday, August 6, 2021

Fun Find: How To Make a Mickey Mouse Candy Apple

The 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World is 8 weeks away.  I thought that I'd start a bit of a countdown and post some special fun finds on the way to this historic event.

Today, I'm sharing a video from the Disney Parks Blog about how to make their popular Mickey Candy Apples.  Character candy apples are my favorite treats to purchase and bring home from our Disney trips.  They travel well and taste amazing.  They are the perfect way to glide back in to everyday life after a Disney trip.  I've brought more of these home than I can count.  It's well known that they're my favorite.  In fact, Eliot's family has taken to getting me some and mailing them whenever they can.  Yum!

Of course, with the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic, I haven't had one of these beauties in a long time.  And I won't lie, I miss them and their delicious magic.  

But maybe I don't have to miss them much longer after watching this video...

I hope you enjoyed this video and learning how to make the classic Mickey Mouse candy apples sold at the theme parks!  They look so good!!!  You have no idea how badly I want one of these sweet treats!  Although, with this video, I might attempt it!  It probably won't taste the same, but it will help tide me over to my next one!  °o° 

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