Saturday, August 14, 2021

Small Shop Saturday: Pixie Lee & Co.

Happy Saturday friends!  We're already almost halfway through August so today I thought I would squeeze in another Small Shop Saturday post.

It's no secret that I love to be comfortable during our long theme park days.  One of my Disney trip staples is a pile of cute and comfortable t-shirts to pair with my stretchy capri pants.  Over the years, I've bought shirts from many small shops, but there's one shop that I always seem to return to over and over... and that's Pixie Lee & Co

Pixie Lee & Co. is run by Shelby who lives in New Hampshire.  I've been following her shop for quite a few years.  In fact, I've been following for so long that I still remember when she called her shop Cafe Forty Seven and sold her original shirt designs over on Etsy.  Now, she has more complex designs and her own website on Shopify.

Her shirts are my favorite t-shirts.  They're soft, comfortable and cute.  Not only do I wear them at the theme parks, but I also wear them all the time at home.  I'm hoping that she'll release a few of the designs again so I can buy another.  I've worn a few of them so much that I could definitely use a few extras!  Actually, I'm sure you've seen me wearing them on here, even if you didn't realize it at the time! 

Most recently... I wore my American Flag to get our first vaccine shots.

I had my "Can You Feel This Magic in the Air?" shirt on when Eliot and I both got our second vaccine shots.  I also wore it to the drive in a few years ago!

And I debuted my new "Quit Talking and Begin Doing" shirt this past Mother's Day.

And these are just a small sample of the shirts I have from Pixie Lee & Co.  (If you can believe it, I've actually got a few that I haven't even worn yet!)  Some of the shirts that I wear the most are the ones from the Swift Collection.  Shelby is a Taylor Swift fan and she created these shirts as a Disney crossover.  (I have 3 out of 4.)

Photo Source

I also love how Shelby has designs for the holidays.  I currently have the "Boo to You" and "Most Famous Reindeer of All" shirts both in long sleeves for the colder months.  I can't wait to rock them this fall and winter on cooler days here in Maine. 

Photo Source

Shelby is always coming out with new designs.  She re-releases designs every once in a while too, but you better be prepared because they usually sell quickly!

Photo Source

Pixie Lee & Co. also occasionally sells other things like face masks, stickers, patches, hats and more.  Shelby has made a bunch of face masks to match her shirts.  She's also had a bunch of seasonal designs and collaborations with other small shops.

Photo Source

If you're looking for shirts for your next Disney trip, look no further!  Pixie Lee & Co. has quality shirts, tanks, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts that are comfortable and cute!

Photo Source

I'm definitely going to be keeping and eye out on the shop's Instagram page... I need to get that Walt's Christmas Tree Farm shirt for the holidays!  °o°

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