Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Cinco de Mayo Shots

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  

Today is usually known for deals on tacos and margaritas... but this year, my one and only focus is shots.  No, not those types of shots... the vaccination kind of shots.  At 5:00 this evening, Eliot and I both had our first coronavirus vaccination shots. 

In Maine, we've been eligible for a few weeks now.  Eliot and I weren't in a rush to run out and get it.  If I was working out in the public, I probably would have been more active looking for an appointment.  But with me at home and him still working shifted hours, we've limited the amount of time we're out in public in general. 

While we haven't been in a rush, Eliot and I have been feeling mounting pressure to get them.  We're the last ones in our families to get the vaccine but we've been firm all along that we had questions for our doctor before we did anything.  Since our age group's eligibility moved up before it was anticipated to and our annual physical follow-ups aren't until June, I messaged our doctor with our questions last week instead.  

She responded the next day and I discussed her response with Eliot.  We decided to move forward with making our appointments and that day I was able to get us both an appointment on 5/5 at 5:00.  I figured that was easy to remember and that was that!

Today, Eliot headed to work at his usual time later in the day.  He was going to go in early but we both were exhausted and with not knowing what we'd be in for after the vaccine, we decided that sleeping was a priority.  He went to work and I stayed home for a few hours before I met him at the Biddeford Walmart at about 4:45.  Then, we headed inside and got into the vaccine line at the pharmacy.

After they put all of our information into the computer, we waited for the pharmacist to come out.  Eliot went first while I waited.  I heard the pharmacist say that Eliot didn't look nervous and he replied that he used to give blood all the time so shots and needles didn't bother him.  Eliot was done before I knew it.  Then, it was my turn.

I handed him my stuff and went to take my seat.  Then the pharmacist returned and gave me the rundown about the Moderna vaccine and the possible side effects... that it was ok to take Tylenol and to ice my arm if it was sore.  Then, he asked if I had any other questions and I replied no.  I looked the other way while he did it.  I think he sensed that I was more nervous than Eliot.  I don't hate shots, but they aren't my favorite thing.  I felt the pinch of the needle which didn't bother me... it was the slow sensation of what I can only describe as "liquid heat" spreading in my upper arm that was a bit uncomfortable.  My arm was immediately sore but the pharmacist was really friendly; he kept me laughing and made the experience a good one for me. 

Apparently, I'm a bleeder.  After the pharmacist removed the needle, he had to grab a few extra supplies from the counter.  I still wasn't looking, but he did swipe down a good portion of my left arm.  While he cleaned my arm up, he told me that about 1 in 20 people bleed and there wasn't much rhyme or reason why.  He said it might be due to eating leafy greens and joked that I should stock up on Ding Dongs and Ho Hos.  I laughed and said I'd make sure I was well prepared for round #2 in a few weeks!

After receiving our shots, Eliot and I waited our required 15 minute observation period in some chairs provided right next to the pharmacy.  While we did that, I posted a photo of us post vaccine on Facebook.  We didn't get any stickers so I added a few gifs instead.  (The "Fauci Ouchie" with a bandaid made me giggle so that was the one I picked.)  Once we were done with our 15 minutes of observation, Eliot and I did a bit of shopping around Walmart since we haven't gone in a while.

We each hopped into our cars and headed over to Michael's after that.  Eliot ordered our to go food from Applebee's while we sat parked next to each other in the parking lot.  Then, we killed some time checking out the craft supplies in Michael's.  We like going for ideas and inspiration.  Then, we picked up our food and headed home!

I chose my dinner in honor of Cinco de Mayo and I got a Bahama Mama margarita and one of Applebee's Mexican bowls.  (Worth it because dinner was delicious!)  Now, we're relaxing for the night while we watch the San Jose Sharks game.  It started a little early since it's on national television.  Then, we'll probably call it a night.  I'm already exhausted and it has nothing to do with the vaccine.  My arm is still a little sore but I'm trying to keep it moving like I was told to!

Hopefully this first dose goes well and we don't have any symptoms!  Everyone in my immediate family had the Moderna dose and none of them had any symptoms other than a sore arm.  Fingers crossed it works out for us as well!  Although, I have already scheduled my week so that I could lay in bed all day Thursday if necessary.  I'm hoping it won't come to that, but even if it does, I'm glad we're one dose down and that much closer to resuming a more normal life!  "I am not throwing away my shot!"  °o°


  1. Congratulations! In the paper today (5/6/21) it said Maine now ranks first in the U.S. with just over 40 percent of people fully vaccinated!

    1. Ooh, I didn't hear that but I knew we were one of the better percentages! (The pharmacist and I were actually talking about that too!) I'm glad that we're doing so well as a state! It gives me hope that things will get back to normal sooner than later... plus, we'll all be safer! :-)