Friday, May 7, 2021

Another Door Opens

As if my life couldn't get any busier, the past two weeks I've taken another free online webinar.  It wasn't something that I planned on doing; but after a little bit of research, I knew I had to join in or I'd regret it.  Plus, it was like the course was calling to me.

If you've hung around here a few times, you probably already know that I have always loved learning.  I'm a frequent flier at the local adult education locations, and I'm a sucker for crafting, jewelry and art classes.  In the past, I've taken classes for cake decorating, making jewelry, working with polymer clay, resin and more.  I've also been taking sewing classes for the last three years.  I just really love learning new things.

This business workshop course popped up as an ad on my Facebook newsfeed, much like the last one I took back at the end of March.  This one reminded me a lot of the other one, and it would further another business idea I had branching off of that other idea.  This was a little bit broader, but it would fall inline with my other plans and ideas.

In fact, I quickly realized that this was where my other course instructor learned about how to grow her own business.  She'd taken the free course and joined the paid course to learn everything she knew and applied it to her own business.  In turn, she became an expert in that field and was sharing her knowledge with others as well.

While I'm not signing up for either paid course yet, I would like to next year when this course opens up for the class of 2022.  Right now, I'm too focused on our current businesses and getting our home decor line launched.  Plus, with trying to finish the house and get prepared for puppies, I wouldn't be able to devote myself to the course like I would need to in order to get the most out of it.  But I'm already sold on joining this one next year, and I'm hoping to join the first course from March later this year!

I've got so many ideas for our businesses and for my blog.  Unfortunately, I've recently realized that some of the ideas I had planned for my blog don't actually translate very well to the blogging platform.  But the good news is that there are so many ways to share information nowadays... podcasts, YouTube channels, social media, etc.  And I've been wanting to expand upon the community aspect for a while anyways.  I think this latest business course will help me make a lot of decisions so I can stop being paralyzed with fear of the unknown and with overwhelm of all the ideas I have.

I'm going to look over all of my notes from both sessions of webinars and take what I've learned to really focus on where I see myself a few years from now.  I've gotten so much clarity over this past week.  I'm excited and I feel like this most recent course opened a lot of doors and possibilities for me, Eliot, our businesses and all of my ideas!

Hopefully a year from now, you'll be hearing a lot more about this!  °o°

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