Sunday, May 23, 2021

New Product Alert: Mickey Ice Cream Sundae Desk Set

Happy Sundae... I mean Sunday!  Today, I have a really sweet treat to show you!  I am so excited to share our new Mickey Ice Cream Sundae Desk Set with you!  This has been in the works behind the scenes for quite awhile now and I'm so excited that it has finally made it's delicious debut over in our Snowblade Creations shop!

I've actually been meaning to post about our new ice cream desk products for a few months now.  Unfortunately, as things picked up between my sewing class, working on the Glowforge, Squirrel-Gate, cleaning our house, and our businesses getting busier,  I haven't had much time to work on product photoshoots.  They can be time consuming.

The other day, I made time to do it when it was warm in the house and there wasn't much cleaning that I could do.  Our light box is helpful, but it's really bright and I have a hard time doing product photoshoots by myself.  It's much easier to have Eliot hand me items so my eyes don't have to go back and forth between focusing on the items in the box and grabbing the ones outside of it.  It was a bit of a struggle doing it myself, but I was able to get this set and a few other items photographed!  And it's about time!!!

Most of these pieces were made back in January when I was a busy bee working behind the scenes on two new desk sets for Snowblade Creations.  (You probably recall my post about the debut of our new Mickey Mouse Galaxy desk set back then too.)  While working on the galaxy desk accessories, I was also working on another set that I dreamt up last year... one with dripping chocolate and colorful sprinkles.

I was so excited to finally make this ice cream sundae set come to life!  This set is so much fun!!!  I've wanted to work on this for months.  Like the galaxy set, I've been waiting patiently for all of the desk accessories before I dove in.  However, with this one, Eliot has been printing these pieces specifically for me to make this set.

I absolutely love ice cream and I've always been obsessed with sundaes and bright sprinkles.  I've found a few different suppliers to buy faux sprinkles through, so I knew I had to make this idea a reality.  The bright bubblegum pink material has a layer of "hot fudge" and faux sprinkles dripping down it.  Each item will always be one of a kind!

The best part is that you can mix and match all of the accessories to create your own fun desk set.  We're offering the base in four different "flavors" or colors: vanilla (white), mint chip (mint), chocolate (brown) and of course, strawberry (millennial pink).  

You're probably wondering what took me so long to list these in our shop.  All of the pink samples have been done for months, but I decided that I wanted to show the other colors in the listings too.  I recently finished the mint business card holders and the white pen holder.  Eliot's already printed a mint pen holder and he'll be printing a brown one when we have time to in between prints for the businesses!  Then, customers will be able to see all of the options available to create their unique ice cream desk set! 

Our fun ice cream set is sure to be a big hit!  Every time I look at mine, it makes me want a sundae.  Our new Mickey Ice Cream Sundae Desk Set is available now over in our Snowblade Creations shop.  It's sure to be a sweet addition to your workday!  °o°

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