Monday, May 24, 2021

Magical Merchandise: 2021 Disney Rainbow Collection

Anyone who knows me is fully aware of my affinity for fun, bright colors.  The past few years, Disney has released a Rainbow Collection that coincides with Pride Month in June.  I always look forward to these items since I love Disney, rainbows and bright colors.  (Read about the 2019 Rainbow Collection and the 2020 Rainbow Collection.)

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This year, the first wave of merchandise was released online on Monday 5/3.  Since then, I've been patiently waiting for the rest of the rainbow merchandise to be released, but there still seem to be a few items from the collection missing online.  Regardless, I'm going to write this post anyways since I've been waiting so long to do it.  Plus, it will be June in a few days and I want to have this done before Pride month officially starts!

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I also want to note, like past years, Disney is donating funds to LGBTQ+ organizations as part of their Pride Month celebration.  (You can read more here.)  It makes me so proud to support a company that is inclusive to everyone!

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The 2021 Disney Rainbow Collection did not disappoint.  There are so many fun new items!  It included more from Disney's various properties than I was expecting!  
Here are my favorites from this year's collection- in no particular order:

Loungefly Bag- I'm obsessed with these bags and this one even has rainbow straps!!!

Mickey and Minnie Plush- These are adorable and are already in my shopping cart.

Mickey Pride Pins- I'm so glad that Disney has made a few items other than the rainbow merchandise for people who want to show their pride!

BB-8 Shirt- I love BB-8 and I think this shirt is really cute.  Eliot also mentioned that he liked it so I'll probably get one for him to wear with one of my many rainbow outifts.

Heart Hands Shirt- This shirt is awesome!  I love the matching rainbow trim details!

Baby Onesie- This year, even babies can join the rainbow fun!  (Also with fun trim!)

Rainbow Key- Of course they made a key... and Eliot and I already bought this one!

Mickey Love Shirt- I love this Mickey shirt!  It's really cute and matches the mask too!  

Pixar Shirt- I really love this shirt!  The gray makes the bright colors pop!

Rainbow Marvel Shirt- I love how this shirt is a subtle rainbow with the Marvel logo.

Rainbow Ear Hat- They made a new rainbow ear hat but with a black hat base this time!  Look at that gorgeous Rainbow Mouseketeer logo!!!  These are a must have!

Rainbow Mickey Shirt- I love how simple this Mickey outline shirt is!

Rainbow Mug- This mug is very cute.  (I don't need another mug... must. resist. urge.)

Belt Bag- Fanny packs are back in style!  While I'm not a super huge fan of them, they are convenient for hands free fun.  I've been talking about getting one to put dog treats in for when we're walking/training the puppies.  This looks like it would be perfect!

Dog Collar- Speaking of puppies, ours are going to need these for Pride month!

Star Wars Shirts- Light Side? Dark Side? Rainbow Side!  These two shirts aren't available to order online yet, but I'm sure they will be soon!

What do you think?  I love the fun bright colors of this collection!  I'm glad that Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars finally got in on the rainbow fun this year.  I'm still waiting on the black Mouseketeer rainbow logo shirt (top right of the first photo I posted) to arrive on the ShopDisney website.  That's the shirt I really want to get, and I'm sure other things will "fall" into my cart too!  (The matching ear hat perhaps?)  I can't wait to add a few more rainbow items to our growing collection!  

Bring on June and all of the colors of the rainbow!!!  °o°

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