Friday, May 21, 2021

Fun Find: Hamilton- The Walt Disney Cover

As expected, I've had a busy week of cleaning and organizing the house.  My current "go-to" soundtrack when I have a lot of projects to work on is still Hamilton.  Ever since I first watched it almost a year ago, it's my favorite get stuff done soundtrack.  Not only is the music upbeat and catchy, but the Broadway musical is long enough to get about two and a half hours of cleaning done while listening to the 46 tracks.

Since I've been on a Hamilton kick, I thought I'd share a Fun Find Friday of another Disney Hamilton mash-up.  (You can watch more Disney Hamilton Crossovers here.)

Today's video is from impressionist, vocalist and YouTube sensation, Brian Hull.  (I shared a few of his other videos back in May of 2016, which you can see here.)  In this cover video, he's told the story of Walt Disney, but with Hamilton style.

I thought this video and mash-up was really creative and fun!  I love how the lyrics of the song tells Walt's story just like the first song of the musical introduces the viewer to Alexander Hamilton.  Plus, Brian even had the Walt Disney Family Museum fact check the lyrics to make sure that it was historically accurate!  How cool is that?  

I'm so glad that I unexpectedly stumbled across this a few weeks ago when I was on YouTube looking for something else.  I was really impressed with it so I immediately saved it to share!  I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I did!  °o°


  1. Wow, that was Great! Thanks for sharing..... (jv)