Friday, May 20, 2016

Fun Find Friday: Brian Hull

Hi friends!  It's been another busy week here!  Between work, yard work and spring cleaning, we haven't had much down time.  The little bits of downtime we have had has mostly been filled with watching the NHL hockey playoff games!  Eliot's team- the San Jose Sharks are still playing strong!  Go Sharks!

I've had a productive day today; hopefully this weekend will be just as productive!  I needed to take a break though, so I thought I'd share a fun find that I came across in my Facebook newsfeed earlier this week!

Photo Source
If you're on social media, by now you've probably seen the Youtube video of Brian Hull singing "Let It Go" in the different Disney and Pixar character voices.  (If you haven't, you're in for a treat!  This is my favorite Youtube cover of Let It Go!)  I was completely floored by his talent when I saw this video.  His impressions are all spot on!

A week ago, Brian released a second Disney and Pixar character video where they sing Adele's "Hello".  This is just as wonderful as the first video was!  He's even added characters from recent movies like Zootopia!

Aren't these awesome?  I hope you enjoy these fun videos as much as I did!  °o°

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