Friday, May 13, 2016

Pearls in the Park Review

I can't believe it's already been two weeks since Pearls in the Park!  I had an awesome time with my friends and I'm glad we went!  Here's a quick recap/review of the event:

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The event took place in the Rose Court Garden.  It is absolutely beautiful.  It's one of Disneyland's most popular wedding locations and I can see why.  (Not gonna lie... all I could think was "possible future vow renewal location"...?)

The set up was perfect.  After all of the walking around Disneyland, we were really excited to see some tables with seats!  We made sure to grab one as soon as we got there because others had the same idea we did!

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Once we were settled, we made our way to the bar.  The line was fairly long but we were still among the first to arrive.  We got to say hello to the owners of Key to the World Travel.  Cheryl, Heather and Jeff all came over to say hi.  There weren't many travel agents from our company there and it was nice to see familiar faces.

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While waiting, we also got to say hello to Shannon from WDW Prep School.  (We'd met her back at KeyCon 2015.)  We met our hostess, Casey from DLR Prep School.  It was nice to finally meet her!  When we got to the bar, Tara and I ordered the signature drink of the event, the Pink Pearl.  It was mostly tart with the lemon, but I liked it.  And you can imagine my excitement when I realized it came with a glow cube!!!  Yes!!!

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After that, we went to get something to eat.  The food was set up on a long table in the middle of the main walkway.  There were tons of different appetizer like foods to choose from.  I got the veggie sticks, grilled pineapple skewer with yogurt, chicken, chips and fries.  The food was really good!

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After getting food, we went back to the table to enjoy our food and drinks.  We met a nice couple who joined us and we talked to them for most of the night.  As the evening wore on and got darker, I got more excited about my glow cubes.  (In fact, I ordered another Pink Pearl... mostly for the glow cube.)

Linda, Tara, Jill, Cheryl, and myself were all wearing ears that I had made.   At one point, Cheryl had me join her at another table so I could meet a few girls who loved my ears.  It was a great opportunity to meet other Disney fans.  We didn't mingle too much since we mostly stayed seated at our table, but we did meet a few new friends!

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Towards the end of the evening, there was a raffle and tons of prizes to win.  None of us won any of them, but the table of women next to us one quite a few!

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We also got a chance to meet Jill, another Key to the World Travel agent who hasn't been to any KeyCon events yet.  I'm so glad we got to meet her.  We all laughed and had a great time together.  I'm so glad that she's coming this year!

Before leaving, I grabbed all of us party favor baggies.  I love the exclusive Pearls in the Park buttons from Parkbound.  I was also surprised to get another button!  I knew Eliot would love the Stitch one.  They're great additions to my collection!

Everyone was also excited about the candles.  There were tons of different scents.  I got Cinderella and Merida.  I thought they were appropriate because Merida is my hair twin and I got to feel like Cinderella at our wedding.

We also grabbed treats from the candy table.  At that point, the event was ending and we were some of the last ones there.  Heather had us take extra candy so they didn't have to pack it all up.  I also got four more glow cubes because they had paid for them up front!  There were a bunch left over so she gave some to us!  (Thanks Heather!!!)

We thanked our Key to the World bosses and party hosts and decided it was time for bed after our long Disneyland day!  Pearls in the Park was a great event and a lot of fun.  I really hope it was successful enough that  Key to the World Travel and Disneyland Prep School host Pearls in the Park every year!  °o°

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