Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016 Photo Challenge

Before the month ends, I thought I'd share one more quick post.  We're really busy this week preparing for our trip to California in a few days!  But, I had the idea to share a post of a photo challenge I wanted to do on Instagram.

Each month, the Disney Colors Facebook group hosts a photo challenge over on Instagram.  They're a lot of fun.  I love sharing my Disney park photos and seeing what everyone else posts!  I've discovered a lot of cool accounts through the challenges!

I haven't done one since last fall.  Last summer, I was regularly posting, but then I fell behind when we were trying to move.  I thought I'd post the challenge photos for the month of May all at the same time on here instead!  In honor of our upcoming trip to Disneyland, (we'll be there a week from today!!!) here are my 31 photos for the May 2016 photo challenge, all from my past trips to Disneyland!

Day 1: Glitter- I love the glitter lettering at the Animation Building in DCA!

Day 2: Castle- Sleeping Beauty Castle is stunning!

Day 3: Tick Tock- It's A Small World is my favorite clock!

Day 4: Force- May the Force be with you!

Day 5: Mosaic- Mosaic shower tiles with hidden Mickeys from the Disneyland Hotel!

Day 6: Carousel- Jingles is my favorite horse on the carousel.

Day 7: Bubbles- I love the bubbles on the lights at Ariel's Grotto.

Day 8: Colorful- World of Color is a celebration of color!

Day 9: Starts with a B- Big Thunder Mountain model from the Disneyland Hotel.

Day 10: We're All Mad Here- It's the tea cups!

Day 11: Splash- Splash Mountain is home of the splash!

Day 12: Close Up- I love Tigger Tails!!!

Day 13: Wishes- The Disneyland Hotel headboard reminds me of Wishes.

Day 14: Yellow- It's the Finding Nemo yellow submarines.

Day 15: Floor- The carpet on the floor at the Disneyland hotel is awesome.

Day 16: Detail- I love the details in this little model at the Disneyland Hotel.

Day 17: Look Up- The giant sorcerer hat at the Disneyland Hotel!

Day 18: Statue- It's Stanley in Radiator Springs and Carsland!

Day 19: Throwback- Throwback to the original entrance of California Adventure.

Day 20: Red- I was Minnie Mouse red for Dapper Day!

Day 21: Snack- Dole Whips are a favorite Disney snack!

Day 22: Adventure- My favorite adventure is with the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Day 23: Dance- Paint the Night makes me want to dance all night long.

Day 24: Hair- I love Aurora's hair on these dolls!

Day 25: Transport- Brother and Eeyore's favorite transportation is the train.

Day 26: Thrill- There's nothing quite like the thrill of Mickey's Fun Wheel!

Day 27: Mountain- Matterhorn is one of the original Disney mountains.

Day 28: Sunset- Sunset at It's a Small World is beautiful!

Day 29: Summer- The sun shining on the water in this picture reminds me of summer.

Day 30: Collection- I'm always looking for more Disney ornaments for our collection!

Day 31: Celebrate- Disneyland sure knows how to celebrate it's 60th anniversary!

I hope you enjoyed my quick post of these Disneyland photos!  If you did, please let me know!  Maybe I'll try to start doing this more often!  °o°


  1. What fun! Very creative, as usual :) Enjoy your upcoming trip to Disneyland....

    1. Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you enjoyed them! :-) We will! I'll definitely take plenty of photos while we're out there! I'm so excited!!!