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Disneyland Dapper Day Spring 2016 Review

I can't believe it's been three weeks since Disneyland's Dapper Day!  Oh my gosh, it was so much fun.  I'm still slightly stunned that I was able to attend!  Timing could not have been more perfect.  While the parks were very busy, I had an amazing time.  I would definitely go again if the opportunity presents itself!  (And I really hope it does; I'd love to go with Eliot!)  Here's a recap of my Dapper Day experience:

I was really excited about my Dapper Day outfit.  I'd planned it out so I would be Disneybounding as Diamond Celebration Minnie Mouse!  I didn't have many goals of the day.  I really just wanted to get a picture by the Partners Statue with Sleeping Beauty Castle, and pictures with a few of the Diamond Celebration characters.

When I left the Disneyland Hotel, I felt like I was quite possibly the only person dressed up, even though I knew that wasn't the case.  I got a few looks while other guests dressed more like tourists walked by me.  I just strutted my stuff and held my head high.  Thankfully, I started to see increasing amounts of dapperly dressed guests the closer I got to the park.  As I entered Disneyland, the lady who scanned my ticket wished me a happy Dapper Day.  Then, the real experience began!

I saw people in all sorts of different Dapper Day styles.  I was amazed at how many people dressed up and at how committed they were to their looks.  I quickly discovered that Dapper Day is all about the photos.  People were posing for photos everywhere I could see.  The lines for the characters and key locations were pretty full, but I stuck to my guns and went with my plan.  The character lines were closed, so I asked a cast member when Mickey and Minnie would be back, and discovered that they wouldn't be back until after noon.  I had over an hour and a half to kill.

I decided to browse through the Emporium.  I hadn't spent much time shopping during the trip, and I wanted to scope out the merchandise for our June trip. After browsing in the Emporium, I made my way to the castle to get my photo with the Partners Statue.

While in line, I met a few other Dapper Day attendees.  The group in front of me was Disneybounding as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Cinderella, and they all looked awesome!  So many people stopped to ask them for a photo.

Photo Credit
In fact, while I was standing there, Joey, aka @JustBeingJoey on Instagram, asked me to take a Snapchat photo of him with them.  He gave them all some of his custom buttons afterwards.  Then, he even asked me and the couple behind me if we'd like some!  I was so excited!  I'd seen the preview of his buttons on Instagram and I'm super pumped to add one to my button collection!

While waiting, I also spotted @TeamSparkle from Instagram.  She was actually a few groups ahead of me in line at the Partners Statue.  It's so weird to see people you recognize from online in real life.  I should have said hello, but I didn't want to leave my spot in line.  (I have to admit that it is a little awkward to just go say hello.  Even though I encourage you guys to do the same thing with me!  Ha!)

I talked with the couple behind me for a few minutes.  I wish I'd asked for their names, or at least their Instagram names.  I've looked all over Instagram and I haven't found them... yet!  They were very sweet and they even asked to take a picture with me and the Disneybounding group ahead of me in line.  It was really sweet of them to include me and I'm hoping that one day I'll come across the photo!

Before I knew it, I was next in line to get my picture taken.  The photographer was taking her time to make sure to capture many different views.  I was really appreciative of that since we all waited.  Everyone got a few minutes of her time!  She took a few photos on my phone- I wanted something to post on Instagram and Facebook!  Then, she took a few with the PhotoPass camera.  She got me with the statue and Sleeping Beauty Castle.  She also took a Tinker Bell magic shot for me!

Then, I sat on a bench to rest my feet and just soaked everything in.  I talked to a nice mother while she helped her daughter put bandages on her feet- the struggles of fancy shoes on Dapper Day.  I asked a cast member when and where Mickey's March Along came from.  Then, I'd be able to prepare for my Mickey and Minnie photos!

Around noon, Mickey and Minnie marched down Main Street with the marching band and their other Diamond Celebration character friends.  I followed the crowd and was simply stunned by what was on the other end of Main Street.  The marching band played "Live the Magic" while the Dapper Dans sang and the characters all danced around.  It was the most surreal part of Dapper Day for me.  Being dressed up as Minnie, with the song playing... it was a little bit overwhelming.

After the show, the characters took a break before starting photos.  They all came out and I stayed waiting for Minnie.  Finally, a cast member told me she'd be out after the next break.  So I went over to Mickey's line and thankfully, I was one of the last people allowed in line!  Good timing once again!

Mickey loved my outfit.  I told him I was dressed as Minnie, but I think he already knew judging from his reaction.  I got a few more photos on my phone and their camera, thanked him and gave him a big hug.

Then, it was time for my main focus: Minnie.  As promised, she was out after the next break.  I literally followed a few steps behind her after she came out.  I was near the front of the line, and ironically I don't think many people in line realized the significance of my outfit.  However, when it was my turn, that changed in an instant.  The next thing I knew, I had tons of strangers pointing me out and taking photos of me with Minnie!

Minnie Mouse loved my outfit.  I could tell from the second I stepped up to her.  She jumped up and down and pointed at me and her.  I told her she was a fashion icon and I had to dress like her for Dapper Day.  We took a few photos with my phone and the camera.  Then, I thanked her and gave her one more hug.

After that, you couldn't wipe the grin off my face if you'd tried.  I'd had a successful Dapper Day in the parks, but I decided it wouldn't be complete without visiting the Dapper Day Expo.  I made my way back to the Disneyland Hotel and the expo.  There was so much to see, and I definitely didn't do it justice.

I walked around looking at the different booths.  There were beautiful retro dresses, skirts, brooches, and accessories everywhere.  There was a vintage car.  You could get a shave, or your hair styled, or try on clothes.  There was music playing.  If I went again, I would definitely spend more time in the expo exploring, but since there was nothing that I absolutely needed, I decided it was time to head back to my room.

Overall, Disneyland's Spring 2016 Dapper Day was an amazing experience.  I really wish Eliot had been there though.  It was a little bit lonely going by myself, but I still had fun.  I'm so glad I took all of those photos.  They were worth every penny, staying an extra day at Disneyland by myself, and waiting in the lines.  I hope someday I'll get to go to another Disneyland Dapper Day.  It's definitely on my bucket list!  °o°

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