Thursday, May 12, 2016

Post Disneyland Trip

Hey friends!  I'm sorry that I've been so quiet since I got back from Disneyland.  I've been really busy playing catch up with work, my emails, cleaning the house, laundry, etc.  You know the drill!  I was only away a few days but there's still so much to do!

This trip, there hasn't been any post Disney trip depression because I know our next trip to Disneyland is only days away!!!  (26 days to be exact!)  Instead, I'm kicking it in to overdrive to get a ton of things done for that trip!  I've also enjoyed a little bit of Disney magic that I brought home with me!

The other day, I indulged in the Minnie Mouse marshmallow pop I bought.  I had every intention of eating it as a mid-day snack on my last day at Disneyland, but I put that on pause to enjoy my Tigger tail.  The other day, I curled up on the couch in my Minnie pjs and enjoyed every single bite of my tasty treat.

Speaking of tasty treats, I've also enjoyed my Diamond Celebration Mickey and Minnie candy apples that I've brought home.  I just ate Mickey two nights ago and Minnie last night.  (They last about a week to ten days.)  I usually cut around the stick to be safe, but the apples were still delicious as always!  26 days until I can get another one... 

I've been busy at work the past two weeks.  I wasn't too far behind from missing one day, but I've stayed a bit extra this week to behind the scenes things done.  I've kept the Disney spirit alive.  Today, I was working with our IT guy (we weren't seeing patients) so I wore my Mickey iced latte shirt from Once Upon A Mickey Tee.  I've been wearing my Mickey key necklace (from WDW) all week.  Yesterday, my Paint the Night Mickey Lollipop Necklace from Enchanted Candy Carousel came and I had to wear it immediately!  I absolutely love it.  It's so fun and colorful!

I've also been busy at home getting a few more things put away.  This past weekend, I tackled my office.  Eliot surprised me by putting together my drawing desk while I was in California.  I've had it for about three years and we've never had enough space for it to bother putting it together.  I'm so excited to have a place to draw and paint!

I also unpacked the Wonderground postcards I bought at Disneyland.  I'm planning to make a huge collage wall above my drawing desk.  These are going to look great on it!

Ever since I got home, I've been really inspired to create things.  Thankfully, I've had a lot of ear inquiries for Happily Ever Hatter!  I'm so excited to start working on a few new designs!  I'm also hoping to get a few done for our trip to Disneyland!

I'm sure I'll definitely keep myself busy over the next few weeks.  Actually... I've gotta run now.  The San Jose Sharks hockey game seven is on and I'm going to go join Eliot in cheering them on!  Speaking of the Sharks, I registered our new car the other day and he was so happy to get his SJShrks license plate!  I had to bring the donkeys along with me so I could send Eliot this photo!

Hopefully I'll be back by the blog again soon!  In the meantime... Go Sharks!!!  °o°

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