Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Hamilton and Disney Crossovers

It's been one month since Eliot and I first watched Hamilton to finish our at home 4th of July celebrations.  Since then, I've watched the movie again twice.  I've also listened to the entire soundtrack a bunch of times.  At this point, it's my go to music if I'm cleaning or organizing the house.  It's also perfect to crank up and lose myself while working on mouse ears.  I think it's safe to say that the musical is now a personal favorite of mine.

I, like many others who love Hamilton, also love Disney.  With the addition of Hamilton to the Disney+ family, many people have also made Hamilton and Disney mash ups.  A search of "Hamilton Disney" on Etsy will produce a bunch of shirts, stickers, mouse ears, and more with quotes from the musical and our favorite characters.  I'm definitely going to be getting a few of them to rock the next time I'm at Walt Disney World!

Of course, the music itself also presents another fun way to mash up Disney and Hamilton.  I've come across a few things that I couldn't help but share.  The most ambitious project I've seen thus far are these two videos of the entire first and second acts of the Hamilton musical- but performed by the Muppets.  On Youtube, voice impressionist Ricky Downs III has re-created the entire musical, complete with commentary by our favorite Muppet critics: Statler and Waldorf.

The cast includes Kermit as Alexander Hamilton, Miss Piggy as Eliza, Gonzo as Aaron Burr, Sam Eagle as George Washington, Fozzie Bear as "Marquis de LaFozette" and many more of our favorite Muppet friends.  Some of the characters even switch for the second act of the play, just like in the real version of Hamilton!  (You can read more about Act 1 here and Act 2 here.)  I haven't had a chance to listen to all of the videos yet, but it's definitely on my to do list!

My personal favorite crossover (so far) is this video parody brought to us by King George if he owned Disney.  It's the perfect Hamilton Disney crossover and I found myself laughing each time I've watched it.  Of course, we'll be back... even when you raise the ticket prices to remind us of your love.

If you love Disney, the Muppets, and Hamilton, you have to check these out.  I'm sure you'll get a big chuckle out of them- just like I did!  °o°

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