Monday, August 10, 2020

Magical Merchandise: Halloween, Hocus Pocus and Haunted Mansion

Happy Monday!  Earlier today, a lot more Halloween merchandise materialized over on the Shop Disney website.  It's only been two weeks since I first posted about the 2020 Halloween collection.  (And lot of the items I posted about from that post are already sold out!)  Merchandise is flying off the shelves.  This morning, it appears that they added the Halloween merchandise for the parks.  This was also the official release of a few items I've been waiting for!

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Today's merchandise additions also include a Hocus Pocus collection and some new Haunted Mansion items!!!  Here are a few items from each collection:

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Hocus Pocus Spirit Jersey- This was one of the items that I've been waiting on.  I knew I wanted to get it as soon as I saw it.  I love the green dip dye look!  After a rough check out process (like the Tiki Room Minnie merchandise), it finally decided to stay in my cart long enough for me to check out.  You won't find this searching on the website as it appears that it's already sold out in all sizes at this point.  But look at your local Disney Store!  I've heard that they're available there!!!

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Hocus Pocus Loungefly- This was an unexpected addition.  They had a similar bag last year, but I didn't bother getting it.  However, I did purchase this Loungely tote bag to match my new Hocus Pocus Spirit Jersey... Salem here I come!

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Haunted Mansion Maid Loungefly Backpack- This backpack what I've been waiting for since they announced it in May during the Disney Park Blog's Halfway to Halloween celebration.  I love the Haunted Mansion and this needed to be in my collection!

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jerseys- These sold out so fast.  There was a design for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland and they're completely gone.  That was fast!

Haunted Mansion Crocs- These have been a huge hit at Walt Disney World the past few days.  I've heard that they're sold out on WDW property so grab them quick!

Haunted Mansion Dress- I love this new dress!  I saw photos of it online the other day and I'm so glad it's online.  I love it and it will probably be my newest Dress Shop addition!  There's also another dress of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper! Yay!!!

Light Up Mickey Pumpkin Decor- This is so cute!  It reminds me of a few of the Christmas pieces available last year.  I love the fun colors it lights up with!

Mickey Pumpkin Bubble Wand- Ok, this is ridiculous, but I totally bought one of these earlier.  I have a bubble wand from a few trips ago and I love it.  I had to get a pumpkin Mickey one and I'll be outside playing with it this fall!

Halloween Crocs- These are so cute!  I might have to get them.  Crocs are so comfy and they'd be perfect for me to wear around the house.

Halloween Spirit Jersey- They made Spirit Jerseys for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  I love the fun designs on the back!  (See photos at the top of this post.)

Halloween Mouse Ears- Disney also released a bunch of cute new mouse ears!

There are so many more fun merchandise items from each of these collections!  These are just a small selection!  I'm so glad that I checked the Shop Disney website earlier today!  Were you able to snag any of these items before they sold out?  If you're interested in any, check them out soon!  With everyone spending so much time at home... things aren't staying online for very long!  °o°

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  1. Thanks for is exciting when holiday merch comes out! Glad you were able to get some of the pieces you wanted jv