Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Summer Lovin'

The summer is flying by!  As you know, Eliot and I have been really busy the past few weeks.  However, we finally carved out some time for ourselves the past few weeks.

The weekend of the 7th and 8th, Eliot and I drove up to my parents' house late Friday night.  Then, we travelled the 2 hours down to Nana and Papa's Camp on Saturday to help my parents, Jeremy and Nana clean a few last things up.  Unfortunately, U-Haul cancelled our reservation because they didn't have a truck for us.  We stuck with the plan though and just took the truck and grabbed as much as we could.  It was really hot and humid and the camps don't have electricity at the moment.  We didn't spend as much time there as we'd planned to, but we still got a lot done.

It was nice to be out at the lake again.  I used to go out there at least once a summer every year growing up.  As the grandkids went off to college, we all went down east less.  Now that we're all grown and Nana lives with Mom and Dad, no one is out there and Nana's planning to sell the camp.  We aren't sure when she will list it, or when it will sell, but it holds a lot of memories.  I took a few minutes to stand down by the lake with Eliot and reminisce of summers spent there with my cousins when we were kids. 

The following day we had planned to do something on the island before driving home, but it was still humid and we were all exhausted from working the day prior.  Instead, we decided that we were going to do something fun together the following weekend.

So, this past weekend, Mom, Dad and Nana drove down south Friday night.  Saturday morning, Eliot and I met them and Jeremy at Water Country in Portsmouth, NH.  None of us had ever been and we wanted something fun to do on a summer day.  It was one of the hottest days of the year, so the water park was packed but we had tons of fun!

We found a shady spot near the Activity Pool for Nana to sit and read.  Then, we went swimming  in it.  Well, "swimming" is kind of relative.  It was crowded so I spent most of the time sitting on the ledge along the pool.  It created a nice seat to sit and relax in the cool water.  Eliot and I must have spent almost an hour or so sitting in the pool before they kicked everyone out and closed the pool for the afternoon.

Eliot, Jeremy, Dad and I decided to go to the lazy river before calling it a day.  The line was really long so Jeremy abandoned that idea and went back to Mom and Nana.  A few minutes later, a supervisor was closing that as well.  Eliot and I went over to ask what was going on and he told us that they were short staffed and lifeguards were getting heat stroke.  (Eliot had already seen one of the life guards on the slide tower near our pool go out on a stretcher to the ambulance.)

We were disappointed, but we understood.  Somehow, while we had been talking to the lifeguard supervisor, Dad had shuffled himself to the front of the line as people dispersed.  They ended up letting a few more people on though, so Eliot and I joined Dad and got to ride through the lazy river once.  It was so much fun!  I haven't been able to go swimming (or get my head wet other than showers) for three weeks after my surgery.  It was over 90° so Eliot helped steer me into the waterfalls so I could get splashed.  It was so nice and cool!  I also enjoyed floating along leisurely.  At the end of it, we were sad we had to get out, but I'm glad we got to check the lazy river out. 

We went back to my family, took a few photos, gathered our things and all slowly made our way to the exit.  Eliot and I upgraded our tickets to annual passes before leaving.  It seems silly with only three weeks or so left in summer, but if we go once, we'll already get our money out of them.  Plus, we were going to go all the way out to Six Flags just so I could go in the water park.  This is less than an hour from us and we don't have to pay for a hotel!  Eliot and I are planning to go at least once more, if not twice!

After saying goodbye to Jeremy in the parking lot, Mom, Dad, Nana, Eliot and I all headed north.  I was so excited because I was finally able to take them to Scoop Deck in Wells since it was already on the way home!  This was also Eliot's and my first time there this summer and it was delicious as always.  I had my lemon meringue pie ice cream all over me.  It was so hot that the ice cream melted faster than I could eat it and overflowed my bowl.  But it was totally worth it!  Dad, Mom and Nana ate in their car while Eliot and I sat on a bench under a tree near by.  They all enjoyed it too!  We're hoping to go again on the way home from our next Water Country trip!

It might not seem like much, but sitting in the pool for an hour, floating in the lazy river, getting ice cream from our favorite spot and spending a few hours with my family was a nice (and much needed) break!  Summer days don't last forever so we better enjoy what we love about summer before it's gone for another year!  °o°

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