Monday, July 19, 2021

Magical Merchandise: Food and Wine Festival 2021

Last Thursday, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival officially began!  Like always, I was really excited to see what the merchandise offerings there would be for this year's collection.  Unfortunately, there isn't much of the collection available online yet, but I'm hopeful that they will add more as the festival continues.  (It goes all the way until my birthday, on Saturday November 20th, this year!) 

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There were some really cute pieces this year.  I thought I'd quickly pop in here to share a few of the items that have shown up on Shop Disney.  So far, we've only seen things from the Festival Logo Collection and the Figment Passholder Collection. 

Spirit Jersey- The 2021 Food and Wine Festival jersey is cute!  I love the big and bold food icons on the front and back of the design. 

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Stemless Wine Glass- This wine glass matches the main festival design motif. 

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Tank Top- This is really cute!  I love how it has all of the buildings from the countries.

Wine Glass- I like how they have different wine glass options!

The collection that I was immediately drawn to was the Figment design.  The items in this collection are only for Passholders, and they're really cute!  I love the bright, fun colors!  Shop Disney only has two of the pieces online right now, but there are shirts and more kitchen items available too.  I also love the glass cutting board and the glass storage containers.  (You can see those in the photo at the top of this post.) 

Figment Magic Band- This is really cute!  Figment looks so happy!

Figment Coasters- I love these coasters that have the different Figment designs.  I wish these were available as prints!  They'd look so cute on my kitchen wall!

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There's also a whole lot more!  There are some cute Remi and Ratatouille themed items.  (I'm wondering if they'll put those online closer to when the new ride debuts on October 1st.)  According to Shop Disney, the "Be Our Guest" Collection is going to be coming soon!  I think this collection is really cute; I love the Lumiere dessert tray!

Finally, my favorite part of the 2021 Food and Wine Festival merchandise is the Minnie and Mickey Apple Orchard Collection.  None of these items are online, but I did see them all in a YouTube video.  I absolutely love the design!  It is super adorable!  I'm definitely going to get the Minnie "Sweet as Pie" Spirit Jersey and the matching pie plate and mug!  There's also a super cute rolling pin that matches too!  (I see a fall apple and pie themed display in our kitchen in my future...)

The 2021 Food and Wine Festival merchandise this year is really fun!  I love how they have so many different collections to choose from depending on what style you like!  If you want to see pictures of everything that's available this year, click here.  Hopefully, more of these items will be available to order online soon!!!  °o°

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