Saturday, July 17, 2021

Disneyland's 66th Birthday

Happy 66th Birthday Disneyland!!! 

Today is certainly a day to celebrate!  Not only is it the birthday of the Happiest Place on Earth, but I'm so happy that Disneyland is open this year on it's birthday!

Last year, I was bummed out that Disneyland was still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  It was sad to know that there was no one there in person to celebrate the park.  I'm sure everyone lucky enough to get tickets over the past few months (once it re-opened on April 30th) has made up for it though!

Eliot and I aren't sure when we'll be back to the Happiest Place on Earth again, but I already can't wait for that day!  There's just something so magical and special about walking through the park where Walt did.  I always leave Disneyland feeling nostalgic and incredibly inspired at everything one man's dream created.

I wish I could be there in person to celebrate with you Disneyland!  Four years ago, it was so special to be there on your 62nd birthday.  Someday, we'll definitely do it again!

Thank you for all of the magical memories Disneyland!  I miss you and can't wait to see you!  May your 66th year be magical, dazzling, and full of more memory making!

Happy Birthday Disneyland!!!  °o°

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