Friday, July 23, 2021

2021 Tokyo Olympics Start

The Toyko 2020 2021 Summer Olympics have finally arrived!  It's taken awhile to get here, but we're finally back on track to watch the best athletes from all over the world perform in all of the summer olympic sports!  I'm so excited!

As I'm sure you're fully aware, the Tokyo Summer 2020 Olympics were delayed an entire year due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.  These Olympics are still going to be pretty different from what they usually are, but we're lucky that they are doing them at all.  There are still a lot of concerns over the coronavirus and athletes from all over the world gathering together in Tokyo.  (There have been a few athletes who have tested positive that are now isolated in quarantine.)  Plus, recently Japan has been in another wave of new cases.  Hopefully, all the athletes will stay safe and healthy!

These games will be pretty weird with them having no fans in attendance.  The athletes have strict social distancing rules and they're not supposed to go near each other.  It's a little bit depressing since the spirit of the games is to try your best and then to go congratulate the winner.  But, it is what it is.... again, they're lucky to be having them.

I am excited about all of the television coverage.  I love to have the Olympics on in the background when I'm working on things.  Sports are great because I can be working and listening to what's happening.  Then, I can always stop to see what's going on.  

My favorite summer sports are volleyball, women's gymnastics and swimming, but I tend to get invested in whatever they're currently showing on television.  I'm most excited to watch the women's gymnastics.  I've really enjoyed watching them compete during the past few Olympics.  I'm always so proud of our ladies!

Eliot and I also enjoy watching the opening and closing ceremonies.  I'm not sure if the ceremonies will be a lot different due to the ongoing pandemic and social distancing- but I guess we'll see!  I'm sure they will still be amazing to watch!  

Regardless of all the changes, I'm excited to watch the events and I'm really happy for the athletes.  They've all worked so hard to get to this moment, and on top of that they have had to push through training in a pandemic!  Good luck to all of the athletes!

Go Team USA!!!  °o°

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