Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Happy September

Happy September 1st!  It's time to catch the Hogwarts Express!!!

September is one of my favorites.  Fall is in the air and while you can't necessarily tell during the day time, the nights are getting cooler.  I love warmer days when you can wear a t-shirt and then slip into a sweatshirt once the sun goes down and it cools off.  I also love those warm days that only require a light sweater.  While we aren't quite to that point, the leaves will be changing and the temperatures will drop soon enough!

In addition to that, I have also always loved the beginning of a new school year- with new supplies, new additions to my wardrobe and the feeling of endless possibilities that awaited a new school year.  It's like another fresh start.  To this day, Eliot and I still both love wandering around the school supply aisles at the store.

September is always a special month for us.  Eliot and I were married in September of 2012.  Then, we bought our house back in September of 2015.  This year, we're also going on vacation mid-month and we're really looking forward to taking a break!  It's sure to be another busy (and fun!) month!  I hope you have a wonderful one too!

Happy September!  May it be one to always remember!!!   °o°

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