Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Magical Surprise

I have a surprise that I've been dying to share for the past two months... now that it's official, I can finally let you all in on the big secret!  Eliot and I bought our first house!!!

This has been in the works for about two months now.  It's been so hard to keep quiet even though our offer was accepted back toward the end of July.  Eliot and I decided to stay tight lipped until we finally signed the papers and it was ours.  We only told a handful of people about it- even though I have hinted at a few other "fun events and surprises" happening during this magical month.  Now, it's official.  Monday afternoon, we literally stepped off the plane in Portland at 1:00 pm and we were in the real estate office by 2:00 pm for our closing!  It's certainly been a whirlwind!

This is clearly a cure for post Disneyland trip depression!  Designing, planning and daydreaming about moving into our new house has definitely kept us busy over the past two months!  We've got plenty of room to display our Disney items.  We also picked up a few new Disney art pieces while at Disneyland.  I'm hoping to get another from Walt Disney World!  Eliot's already planning and scheming for our Cady Christmas Light Spectacular.  Having our own house is going to be a lot of fun!

Eliot and I are very excited and feeling incredibly blessed.  Our friends and family have sent lots of messages of congratulations and well wishes.  When we arrived at the house, my parents surprised us with new pink and lime adirondack chairs sitting on the porch- to match our Disney wedding colors.  They also bought us a Mickey and Minnie garden statue light.  My Nana gave us a little garden rock she had.  Our new house is already looking like home!  We'll be cleaning, painting and moving everything over slowly over the next few months. Here's to our next big adventure!!!  °o°


  1. Congratulations! Much happiness in your new home :)

    1. Thank you!!! We're very excited about it! :-)

    2. I live in Maine-are you still in Biddeford?

    3. We're moving a few towns over, but we're planning to get a PO Box in Biddeford. My husband works there so it makes sense! :-)