Thursday, September 3, 2015

Disneyland Tomorrow!!!

We leave for Disneyland tomorrow!!!  I am so excited!!!  I've been waiting for this moment for months... Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration here I come!!!

Photo Source: Disneyland Facebook

West Coast friends, if you see me at Disneyland feel free to come say hi!  I'm friendly and I promise I don't bite!  Those of you who aren't going to be visiting Mickey Mouse with me can virtually follow along with the fun from the comfort of your own home!

If you don't already, follow me on Facebook for pictures, posts and updates.  I'm also on Instagram as MyDisneyLifeBlog if you want to follow the fun there!  In the past, I've posted a lot of photos "live" from the parks.  Don't have an Instagram account?  If you follow this link, you should be able to see all of my photos online.

Photo Source: Disneyland Facebook
In addition to those social media platforms, I've joined Periscope.  Periscope is a live video streaming app for both iPhone and Androids.  This allows the viewer to watch live video feed from anywhere in the world.  I've watched a lot of Disneyland and Walt Disney World footage since joining a few months ago.  I'm planning to broadcast my first "scope" live from Disneyland in a few days!  If you'd like to join me, download the app (iPhone or Android) and follow @MyDisneyLifeBlog.  The app will alert you when I'm live.  You will also be able to watch my videos up to 24 hours after the live broadcast.  (Read more about Periscope here.)

Finally, I joined Snapchat earlier this week!  I've seen a few people post the awesome Disneyland and Walt Disney World location frames and I had to get in on the action.  If you'd like to follow me on Snapchat, my username is melissajocady.

Stay tuned for lots of Disneyland photo and video spam over the next few days... 
See ya real soon friends!!!  °o°


  1. Have a great time- your enthusiasm is contagious- We will be with you in spirit!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm SO excited!!! We're packing now! :-D